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Program Administration

Dr. Jeffrey Hause 
Michael W. Barry Chair 
Professor of Classical and Near Eastern Studies 
Professor of Philosophy 
phone: 402.280.3581 

Dr. Hause

Associate Director 
Dr. Erin Averett 
Professor of Archaeology in the Fine and Performing Arts 
Phone: 402.280.2261 

Dr. Averett

Board Members:






  • Lydia R. Cooper, Professor of English
  • J. Colum Dever, Resident Assistant Professor, Honors
  • Margaret Doig, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
  • Allison Foster, Resident Director of Swanson Hall
  • Eric Haas, Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Laura Heinemann, Associate Professor of Medical Anthropology
  • Brooke Kowalke, Associate Professor of English
  • Amy Lane, Associate Professor of Theatre and Dance
  • Erika Moreno, Professor of Political Science
  • Matthew Reznicek, Associate Professor of English
  • Nicolae Roddy, Professor of Theology
  • Tricia Ross, Resident Assistant Professor, Honors
  • Janet Seger, Professor of Physics
  • Juliane Strauss Soukup, Professor of Chemistry and Vice Provost of Research and Scholarship
  • Zachary Smith, Associate Professor of Theology
  • Mackenzie Taylor, Associate Professor of Biology
  • Carol Zuegner, Associate Professor of Journalism