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Teaching Assistantships

Applying for Teaching Assistant Positions

There are several teaching assistant positions. Teaching assistants are usually senior psychology majors, however, this is not a requirement. To be asked to serve as a teaching assistant or grader is a great honor, because these individuals play a tremendous role in the faculty's ability to do their job, and the student assistants, in turn, gain a great deal of valuable experience working closely with faculty members.

Typical duties can range from administrative tasks such as grading exams/quizzes, taking attendance, preparing and copying materials for class, or face-to-face interactions with students, such as leading classroom discussions, holding an exam review session, giving a lecture, or working one-on-one with students during office hours.

Graders work with Introductory Psychology instructors and provide thorough feedback to students' written assignments for the course.

Students interested in pursuing this challenging and rewarding opportunity should fill out an application form to be a TA or grader. They should also contact and discuss this possibility with faculty members for whom they would particularly like to work.

The TA/Grader Orientation is usually scheduled for the Tuesday, before classes start in the fall.