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What is Data Governance?

Nov 13, 2019
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What is Data

How Can You Protect Your Organization's Data?

Today, many organizations now recognize data as a critical strategic asset that must be governed and managed accordingly.

Smart organizations are now developing a data governance system that manages the planning, monitoring and enforcement of data assets. Data governance oversees how your organization’s data is being managed and used and how it is being protected and secured to prevent data breaches. It protects the privacy of your customers and ensures your organization is using quality data. It involves setting up the framework and guidelines to access and use data and ensures your organization is in compliance with laws that govern data.

Why Data Governance is Needed in a Tech-Forward World

“Data governance is an essential part of every business intelligence and analytics program,” says Anton Ames, instructor for the Data Governance course at Creighton University. A data governance course is part of the online Master of Science in Business Analyics degree at Creighton University Heider College of Business. “We offer a very well-rounded business analytics degree that will provide you with all of the critical skills and knowledge you need to develop and protect your organization’s data intelligence program and use the data ethically, effectively and strategically,” says Ames.

Many organizations establish a data governance council that includes stewards and committees that help manage data governance. ”When it comes to business intelligence, if you want to be a data-driven organization, you need to know that your data is high quality and accurate,” says Ames. “When organizations do not have a good data governance system, you are more likely to run across messy and inaccurate data that is at greater risk for breaches.”

Almost every day news breaks about a new organization falling victim to cyber criminals and the data breaches as a result. “These threats have served as a major driver of handling data appropriately,” says Dustin Ormond, associate professor of Business Intelligence and Analytics.
“Being proactive is ideal, but the nature of data governance has forced reactive organizations to comprehend its importance,” Ormond continues. “Therefore, understanding data governance and its frameworks is vital to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data across all aspects of business. However, the staffing needs in this area far exceed the number of qualified applicants. This is where our students come in. Students in our programs will learn the skills to be proactive with data governance to meet the demands of today and adapt into the future. This, combined with access to Creighton’s alumni network, will enable students to quickly find employment and progress into leadership positions.”

Is a Data Analytics Degree from Creighton Right for You?

The online business  analytics degree program at Creighton University focuses on three major components: managing data, analyzing data to gain insights, and effectively communicating results from the analysis. Several of the courses are “floating” courses, such as data governance, which allows you to tailor the program to fit your goals and needs. These courses change to keep up with changing technology and trends in the field.

The Creighton Master of Science in Business Analytics online program features small class sizes of about 15 students. Online activities are designed to engage students and often include group or team projects. All data analytics courses are taught by PhDs, most of whom have had real life experience in the field. Classes provide a great deal of interaction with faculty who are extremely accessible to students at all times. The online format is ideal for working professionals, allowing you to complete your coursework on your time and at your pace.

If a two-year program just isn’t doable for you, Creighton’s business school also offers a data analytics certification called the Business Analytics Graduate Certificate. The certificate program will arm you with the core concepts behind business analytics in less than one year. You will use real-world data sets to hone your skills in managing and analyzing critical data and learn how to communicate your results to key decision makers in an organization.

An Accredited, Nationally Recognized Program

Creighton University’s Master of Science in Business Analytics program holds accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

Creighton University also has maintained continuous accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission since 1928. Accreditation is one of the most important ways that demonstrates Creighton University commitment to quality.

Creighton is proud to have earned several top 20 rankings for its online graduation programs in the 2023 US News & World Report surveys. These rankings are based on engagement by instructors; aptitude of students enrolled in the program; expert opinion from high-ranking academic officials at MBA programs; faculty credentials and training; and the availability of diverse learning technologies and other student services.

Business Analytics Program Ranking:

  • Top 20% in Best Online Master’s in Business Programs