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Policies and Procedures

In order to maintain the integrity of Creighton’s brand, it’s important to ensure any merchandise that includes Creighton name or logos follows brand standards and is in alignment with the values of the university.

Official licensing is standard practice at universities, and Creighton partners with Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) on licensed materials. All items bearing the Creighton University name, seal, logos, and/or Athletic logos must be manufactured by a CLC-licensed vendor.

Student groups, organizations, faculty/staff, departments and off-campus retailers must use approved CLC-licensed vendors when producing merchandise.

Members of the Creighton community and vendors can find more information about licensing below.

Frequently Asked Questions from Students, Faculty and Staff

All merchandise that includes Creighton, Creighton University Bluejays and any Creighton logos must be produced by a CLC-licensed vendor. CLC-licensed vendors have our logos and brand standards, so they can produce items correctly. Using a CLC-licensed vendor also triggers the required review and approval process, which lets us monitor how Creighton is represented. A few of our commonly used CLC-licensed vendors include:

Or you can view a full listing of Creighton’s CLC-licensed vendors.

Yes. Items that are giveaways still represent our brand, so they need to go through a CLC-licensed vendor.

Yes. Vendors must get licensed for each college they produce products for. Vendors looking to get licensed can find information below. Even if you’re just producing one item, the vendor must be licensed. If they’re not willing to become licensed, you’ll need to find a different vendor.

No, CLC-licensed vendors already have the correct logo files along with guidelines on using them.
You can streamline placing your order by using a vendor that is already CLC-licensed and familiar with our brand and licensing process. See above for a list of our commonly used vendors.

Student groups do need to get items approved by Student Life before sending it to a CLC-licensed vendor for production. Please complete the approval form in CU Involved.

The process is different for faculty and staff. Faculty and staff do not need to gain prior approval. When faculty and staff submit something to a CLC-licensed vendor, the vendor will complete the approval process. These vendors are connected to a portal for designs, where a brand expert will review it. This process also reduces the chance for errors.

We can’t approve: 

  • Unofficial Creighton logos or any designs that break brand standards, including unofficial iterations of Billy Bluejay 
  • Drawings of our logos, including Athletics logos and Billy Bluejay
  • Messaging/visuals associated with drugs, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, sex or politics
  • Unfavorable references to the culture, race, ethnicity, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status or military status of any person 
  • Products bearing the name, number and/or image/likeness of a Creighton University student, student-athlete or employee, without such individual’s permission 
  • Products that are harmful to the mission or integrity of the university or present an unacceptable risk of liability 

Frequently Asked Questions From Vendors

Find answers to some of the most common questions we hear below. If you have further questions about the licensing process, please reach out to CLC.

If you’re interested in becoming a CLC-licensed vendor with Creighton, you can apply for a CLC license. You’ll find information about the process and fees at the CLC website. Becoming a licensed vendor can take 4-6 weeks, so plan accordingly. If you’re already registered, log in to submit a design for approval.

All merchandise that includes Creighton, Creighton University Bluejays and any Creighton logos must be uploaded into the CLC portal and receive approval prior to producing it.

There are no royalties charged on giveaway promo items. Royalties are required on all retail orders that are sold.

To obtain working files of any Creighton University logo, you must be approved by CLC. Once you have obtained this license, you can download the proper file for production through the BrandManger360 portal. Find additional information about: