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Photography and Video Shoots

Showcasing Creighton

Creighton’s marketing department creates a wide variety of advertising materials for the University. We want to accurately represent Creighton in those materials, so we feature real students in our photos and videos. If that sounds like fun, sign up to be a part of it! We hold shoots throughout the year, so register now, and we’ll be in touch about upcoming videos or photoshoots. See below for answers to some frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Photography and videos will be used in a wide range of promotional recruitment materials for Creighton. We often hold shoots with a specific advertising campaign in mind, but the imagery could be used in multiple places and over several years. You could see the imagery on billboards, digital banner ads, social media, emails, brochures, the Creighton website and more.  

Anyone who’s not camera shy–all students are welcome! We hold shoots throughout the year, so we encourage anyone interested to sign up.

We may not need you right away, but we have multiple shoots each year. We’ll email you when we schedule a photography or video shoot, providing details about dates and times. Please respond with your availability, and we’ll set a schedule from there.  

They’re a lot of fun! We work with our internal photography and video team as well as outside vendors, and we make it as easy and comfortable as possible. Usually we want to show students being students—studying, conducting research, experiencing an internship, interacting with each other, walking/talking on campus, etc.

Shoots are casual but also professional, and we ask that you approach them the same way by honoring your commitment if you agree to be part of a shoot.

If we have specific requirements for a shoot, we’ll let you know. You can usually expect to wear what you’d normally wear to class but a little more polished. Creighton gear or anything blue is great. Don’t wear red or anything from another college. Steer clear of anything offensive or revealing.