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Plan Your Schedule

Follow these steps to plan your schedule prior to class registration:

  1. Know which First Semester Curriculum Checklist you will follow. Even if you are not 100% certain, follow the checklist that best suits your current interests. You can change your mind in future semesters. Utilize the First Semester Course Recommendations and Sample First Semester Class Schedules.
  2. Use the Class Schedule Worksheet to help visualize your class schedule. Don’t forget to add your pre-assigned RSP 103 section that will meet once per week, or any other courses you were required to enroll in as a condition of your admission.
  3. Work to build a balanced course load. Most students will probably end up with 15 – 17 credit hours. This translates into about 5 courses (14 -16 credit hours) that you select plus RSP 103 (1 credit hour).
  4. Use the course search page to identify which courses you would like to take. Write down the CRN numbers. Make sure to have back up courses and the corresponding CRN numbers.
  5. Be flexible. Don’t stress. Have fun!

Before Your Registration Date

Visit your NEST account to make sure your NetID and blue password can get you to the Main Menu of the NEST. Once you access the Main Menu, click on Student Services, then Registration. You will not be able to add or drop classes or perform any options on the Registration Menu until your scheduled registration date and time, but at least you’ll be familiar with how to navigate the site.