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Upon Admission

Here are your next steps.

Congratulations on your acceptance to Creighton University School of Dentistry! There are just a few more things to do to prepare for your first year in dental school. Explore the content below to help prepare for your Bluejay education.

Incoming dental students must show evidence of meeting all the health sciences vaccination requirements.

You must also provide evidence of meeting all technical (non-academic) standards for admission to the School of Dentistry by completing the form and submitting to

Our vendor, Certiphi, will contact you via email to request a required background check.

First Deposit: A $500 enrollment reservation deposit is required within 30 days following the date of the letter from the Creighton Dental Admissions Office initially accepting you for admission. The deposit is credited to the first semester tuition. It is never returned unless the Committee on Admissions cancels the acceptance because the applicant failed to meet the conditions under which he/she was initially accepted.

Second Deposit: A second $300 deposit is required of each prospective student within 14 days following the date of the letter from the Creighton Dental Admissions Office giving final acceptance to the student. This deposit is also credited to the first semester tuition. If the accepted student fails to register, or withdraws after registering, the first and second deposits are forfeited to the University.

Registration occurs on the date preceding the opening of classes in August as specified in the academic calendar. Students failing to register on that day may not be enrolled. No regular student may enroll after the first week of instruction.

Housing in Omaha is affordable and provides convenient access not only to Creighton’s campus but also to some of the finest cultural offerings in Nebraska. Here’s more good news: the cost of living here is as much as 12 percent below the national average.

On-campus housing is limited, so most students in the School of Dentistry make their homes nearby. Apartments are available throughout Omaha from 10 to 30 minutes from campus—and often for less than $1,000 per month. Check out housing in the historic Old Market, a vibrant district with shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, and art galleries as well as the nearby Midtown area. Alternatively, just 10 minutes across the Missouri River lies Council Bluffs, Iowa, where you’ll find abundant housing opportunities at a reasonable cost.

For students joining the Creighton community with their children, Omaha and neighboring communities offer school systems that are second to none, including public, Catholic and other private schools. You’re sure to find a dynamic, forward-thinking learning environment that’s right for your children. Below are a few options to start your exploration.