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FSP Graduate Testimonials

“Awesome Program— helpful, beneficial, informative, and effective.  If and when applied and followed, I’m anxious to see where I will be within 12 months from now.”

 “This class has helped me to understand that my credit report has many errors that I need to fix. I have also been put in contact with people who can help me fix mortgage issues and credit issues. I AM NO LONGER CLUELESS!”

“This course is only the beginning of what will be my financial management plan for my life. Thank you for the tools you have given me. I feel completely empowered and in control.”

“After the class on credit, I called the number given to me in class about paying off your student loan. My monthly bill was $547/month; now its reduced to $87/month!  What an impact this had on my own self-esteem and that of my children. We are now able to begin savings.”

“I love decision making i.e., how many hours will I have to work to pay for this…. PAY MYSELF FIRST. I understand our credit report… THANKS! We are ready to winterize and sell the house. Tim (Legal Aid) had wonderful advice. Financial coaching is the BEST part of the program!!!!”

“When I received my credit report, I noticed at $42,000 charge from a previous landlord. Come to find out, it was a typo and that bill had been previously paid. WOW! I felt so empowered and my credit score shot up!”

“This class has given me a new look at my life and financial success. I now know that I will be happier when my finances are under my control; more powerful, more secure, stronger; not weak. I didn’t know how scared I was to even face my financial mess; with the help from God, this class and Ms. Valerie, I will be a success.”