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FSP Program Outcomes & Statistics

The Financial Success Program has found a strategy that works well for lower income families. It is important to have a trainer and coaches who the students can connect with. Texts, personal calls, emails, newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, monthly graduate meetings, and meetings with their coach give students the tools needs to reach their financial goals. Setting measurable goals, celebrating the individual, and holding graduates accountable are the keys to the success of any financial literacy inner city program. The Financial Success Program is currently in the process of creating a Financial Success Program Toolkit to share with other organizations around the country.

Program outcomes have been measured through pre and post tests as well as interviews with the program graduates. Dr. Aimee D. Prawitz, PhD, in consultation with the Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation’s President Dr. E. Thomas Garman, is in charge of research for Financial Success Programs. It has been recognized that graduates find an increased sense in both hopefulness and sense of control after attending this course. The students come into the class with no direction and little hope, but with a desire to do better for themselves and their children. They leave with practical tools, resources and an entire financial team.