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AJCU Conference on International Education

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The AJCU Conference on International Education was organized for the promotion and development of global education among AJCU member institutions. In addition, the Conference supports collaboration and partnership with Jesuit institutions worldwide. Special attention is focused on the importance of international and global education to the Jesuit mission and the promotion of justice

On this site you will find resources for international educators at Jesuit universities. These have been compiled by the AJCU Conference on International Education Board or by representatives of Jesuit universities that are members of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU - USA) or other global regional networks.


René Padilla, PhD (Chair)
Vice Provost for Global Engagement
Creighton University
Omaha, NE
Term: 2018-2021

Luis (Kique) Bazan, EdD
Assistant Director for Immersions
University of San Francisc  o
San Francisco, CA
Term: 2018-2021

Gina Lopardo, EdD
Director of Education Abroad
Seattle University
Seattle, WA
Term: 2019-2022

Csilla Samay
Assistant Dean for International Students and Initiatives
Loyola Marymount University
Los Angeles, CA
Term: 2019-2022

D. Scott Hendrickson, SJ, DPhil
Associate Provost for Global and Community Engagement
Loyola University Chicago
Chicago, IL
Term: 2020-2023


The Conference will have an Executive Board, comprised of six individuals from the Education Abroad field and from the International Student & Scholar Services field including Intensive English/ESL and international admissions.

Candidates for the Executive Board can be nominated by any individual in the listserv of the Conference for International Education or by self-nomination.

Members of the Executive Board will serve for three-year terms not to exceed two consecutive terms. Each institution will have one vote for each of the slots available. Should there be vacancies between elections, the Executive Board will appoint a replacement until the next election (the replacement should come from an institution not already represented in the Executive Board).

The Conference will have one chair. The Executive Board shall appoint the chair who shall serve a three-year term.

Beginning in 2013, and every year there will be two slots open for election.

The next election will take place in October 2021.

AJCU Conference on International Education Meetings

Conference on International Education of Jesuit Higher Education Institutions

DATE: September 19-23, 2022
LOCATION: Universidad Loyola Andalucia, Seville, Spain

Flash Surveys

The purpose of our flash surveys is to quickly gather information that may be useful for sharing of ideas or benchmarking for our members at all AJCU universities.

Surveys are usually open for one week and reports posted within 3 days from the day the survey closes.

If you have a request for a flash survey, please contact


The AJCU Conference on International Education maintains four separate listservs to support collaboration of international educators across Jesuit universities in the US and across the globe.

If you would like to subscribe to one or more of these listservs, please contact Deanna Howes Spiro (AJCU's Director of Communication) at with your request and contact information.

  • AJCUINTL - general listerv for international educators at AJCU institutions
  • AJCUINTLEXEC - dedicated listserv for senior international officers
  • AJCUSTUDYABROAD - dedicated listserv for study abroad educators
  • AJCUINTLPARTNERS - listserv for partners at Jesuit universities across the globe.

These listserves are our main medium of communication regarding resources, inquiries, conferences and so on.

To maintain confidentiality, lists of participants in these listserves will not be sold or distributed for any reason.