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Health and Safety Abroad

Safety & Security While Abroad

It is important that all Creighton University travelers carefully research and inform themselves about the the health and safety, environmental, and cultural realities of their host country. 

Safety & Security While in Your Host Country

  • Register with the U.S. Embassy or Consulate within two weeks of your arrival so they can alert you to any emergencies and help you if necessary.  This is required by Creighton for study abroad students.
  • Update your Jays Abroad portal with your in-country contact information (address and working telephone number while abroad)
  • Maintain regular contact with the host coordinator/program director at your host institution.
  • Integrate as fully as possible into the university community.
  • Avoid large crowds or demonstrations, and do not photograph them.
  • Maintain regular contact with home, so families and others are assured of your safety.
  • Keep informed through newspapers, radio, internet, and television broadcasts. Develop a political awareness.

Creighton Global Travel Security Program

Supported by AlertTraveler

Developed in partnership with AlertTraveler technologies, the Creighton University Global Engagement Office (GEO) supports Creighton students, faculty, and staff traveling across the world, 24 hours a day, every day through the Creighton Global Travel Security Program. All study abroad students and international rotation students will be assessed a $150.00 Global Travel Security Fee to his/her Creighton University bill.

Study abroad students will be enrolled in this program by GEO staff and will receive a welcome e-mail and specific instructions on how to install and utilize the app. Travelers will be enrolled 2-6 weeks before their departure date, depending on the program.

What are the program benefits and how does it work?

  • AlertTraveler provides several benefits, including access to the AlertTraveler Mobile app. AlertTraveler Mobile gives you immediate access to critical information potentially affecting your travel and wellbeing, including real-time push notifications of significant events, country risk ratings, and a library of location-specific information and tips for hundreds of cities globally.
  • Additionally, AlertTraveler puts assistance resources at your fingertips. Check in safely or request assistance during an emergency situation and access the 24/7 emergency support hotline at the touch of a button.

CISI Insurance - Emergency Medical / Liability

As a part of the Creighton Global Travel Security Program, all study abroad students traveling abroad under the auspices of Creighton University are enrolled in international emergency medical insurance administered by the Global Engagement Office (GEO) for the duration of their time away from the United States. This coverage is through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI).

The insurance policy selected by Creighton University for its students traveling abroad includes basic trip insurance that may cover a portion of additional costs due to trip cancellation, extreme flight delays, loss of luggage, etc.  All travelers are encouraged to purchase additional flight or trip cancellation insurance from the airline or another company. The required supplemental insurance selected does not cover flight change costs due to outbreaks of disease (including, but not limited to H1N1 flu, COVID-19).

Review the CISI travel insurance policy well before departing.  Additionally, check with the international education office at your host institution about how to obtain local health insurance if you are able. Know how to file claims for reimbursements on health care expenses. In serious health emergencies, the local U.S. Embassy may be helpful to you. Once enrolled, students will have access to the myCISI Mobile App for emergency contact information, coverage details, claims assistance, and more. A guide to the myCISI Mobile App is available here. 

All travelers should maintain primary health insurance coverage while abroad. The travel insurance offered by the GEO is a supplemental policy. It is the responsibility of all travelers to check with the embassy/consulate of the host country to determine if travel insurance is required in order to obtain a visa to enter the host country. If needed for visa purposes, you can obtain a letter verifying your insurance policy by e-mailing

Covid-19 & Study Abroad

Creighton University's Global Engagement Office is continually monitoring the global health crisis and the state of upcoming study abroad global learning opportunities. Please see below for the most updated information and contact your Global Programs Coordinator with additional questions.

FAQs updated July 05, 2022

Yes! The Global Engagement Office (GEO) and our university partners abroad are working diligently to welcome study abroad students to pre-approved programs abroad. Applications are open on the Jays Abroad Portal. The GEO’s top priority is to make sure that students travel to destinations that have proven ready and capable to support the health and safety of students during this time.

Available programs will be listed on the Jays Abroad portal.

Travel abroad at any time requires travelers to be aware of the social and political atmospheres of their destination country and to apply common-sense precautions for health and safety while abroad. Travel abroad during this time requires an increased tolerance for ambiguity given the changing atmosphere surrounding COVID-19. Students are encouraged to move forward intentionally with planning - be aware of program fees, deadlines, and cancellations policies.

The introduction of COVID-19 variants including the Omicron variant adds another level of ambiguity as countries and institutions learn about and react to this variant. Some countries may impose travel restrictions if needed. Although the Global Engagement Office and your Programs Coordinator will continue to monitor and share updates as they become available, it is your responsibility as a future traveler pay close attention and to stay aware of current and potential changes in your future host country, and to modify your plans accordingly.

It is important that you recognize that the decision to participate in a study abroad program is your personal choice. Each participant is required to submit an International Travel Waiver where you assumed responsibility for the decision to participate in your chosen study abroad program during this semester.

Because you submitted the waiver acknowledging responsibility for your decision, Creighton University will not cancel your placement unless a country closes its borders, the US government indicates US travelers from your host country will not be permitted to enter the US, or the partner institution indicates they can no longer support your placement.

If you do not have a valid passport you should begin the application or renewal process ASAP. Processing times are extremely delayed due to a COVID-19 backlog.

Each country has its own unique student visa and immigration requirements and the process can be lengthy. Therefore, all participants should have a valid passport as soon as possible to begin the student visa process when advised by the Global Engagement Office.

The COVID-19 vaccine is required for all Creighton University students, as per Creighton University policy.

As guidance around booster requirements abroad is evolving, we strongly encourage all students who will be participating in a program abroad to prioritize getting a COVID-19 vaccine booster prior to departure if it has been more than six months since your single dose of Johnson and Johnson vaccine or your second dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. You should not rely on being able to get booster shots abroad.

Traveling to an international destination
Each country has its own unique requirements regarding COVID-19 testing and/or vaccine requirements in order to board a plane and enter the country. Travelers must comply with the host country's requirements for vaccination, quarantine requirements, and any regulations surrounding COVID-19 testing and protocols.

Review the CDC guidelines for international air travel here -

Returning to the U.S. from an international destination
As of June 12, 2022, the CDC no longer requires travelers returning from international locations to obtain a COIVD-19 test before their flight back to the U.S. This may change based on shifting realities of COVID-19. You should not to travel if you have tested positive or experiencing symptoms. 

Carefully Read the CDC Guidance Here.

Some programs may adjust things such as program start and end dates, in-country travel, and co-curricular experiences.

For programs in Europe, especially, students should be mindful of possible restrictions on travel. Due to European border policies changing frequently, students may not be able to travel between European countries as freely as in past terms.

The GEO will update online program brochures on the Jays Abroad Portal to reflect changes of which we are notified. Students must be timely and responsive in their communication with the GEO and host institution regarding any program updates and/or changes.

Creighton University / GEO is committed to student safety during study abroad programs. Rules, regulations, and laws may change unexpectedly during this time and students must be aware of this. Therefore, the GEO strongly discourages any student travel before/after official program dates. Creighton University cannot provide any student support or assistance outside of official program dates.

If you withdraw from a study abroad program after committing to the program, there may be financial implications. You may be responsible for the non-refundable $150 Creighton Global Security Fee and any fees or deposits to your host university abroad. You will be required to adhere to that specific cancellation and refund policy.

If your program is cancelled by the Global Engagement Office or the university abroad before your departure, there will be no study abroad fees assessed by Creighton University. If you have paid any fees or deposits to your host university abroad, you will be required to adhere to that specific cancellation and refund policy.

How scholarships and financial aid are impacted depends on several factors:

  • Type of aid and scholarships that you receive
  • Timing of the cancellation or withdrawal
  • Academic options available through the host institution/organization or Creighton after the cancellation or withdrawal

 The Financial Aid Office will work individually with each student to review your specific situation.

The insurance provided by CISI insurance covers emergency medical costs during your time abroad. You can read the policy details HERE. All travelers should maintain primary health insurance coverage while abroad. The insurance policy offered by the GEO is a supplemental policy.

View CISI Covid-19 FAQs here

Yes. The Global Engagement Office (GEO) recommends waiting to book any nonrefundable flights until it is absolutely necessary to do so. Due to the unpredictable nature of international travel at this time, we encourage students to purchase a refundable/changeable airline ticket and/or additional travel or trip cancellation insurance from the airline or another company. The required insurance included in the Global Travel Security Program does not cover flight change costs due to a pandemic. Creighton cannot refund any part of a flight.

Both home and abroad, Creighton University will continually monitor data surrounding the COVID-19 respiratory disease pandemic and consult with experts in all program locations. Consistent with the University's Travel Policy, if being abroad presents a significant risk to your health and safety, Creighton University may make the decision to call students back from a program abroad. If this is necessary, the Global Engagement Office will notify students directly and advise on next steps. 

Yes! There are many opportunities that offer rich global learning through online platforms. Please visit the Jays Abroad Portal to browse online/virtual opportunities abroad or contact to set up an advising appointment with a Creighton Global Programs Coordinator.

Creighton Faculty and Staff Travelers

All Creighton faculty and staff traveling abroad under the auspices of Creighton University are required to purchase the supplemental travel insurance administered by the GEO for the duration of their time overseas (refer to Creighton's International Travel Policy).

Creighton faculty and staff travelers, please contact the Global Engagement Office to enroll in this plan, or use this link.

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