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Nebraska Native Pollinator Garden

Buzzing with life and vibrant colors, Creighton’s pollinator garden features plants native to Nebraska. It’s designed to be a haven for bees, butterflies and other vital pollinators. Our garden contains three planters located on the west side of the Reinert Alumni Memorial Library for students, faculty, staff and visitors to enjoy.

This garden is made possible by the Creighton Student Sustainability Action Fund.

What’s planted in our garden?

Sticking to our roots, our garden features an array of native Nebraskan plants.
Purple and yellow flowers in prairie garden setting.

American Midwest

A native midwestern seed mix containing 23 wildflowers, 7 annuals and 16 perennials or biennials.
Orange flowers in the garden.

Butterfly Milkweed

Brilliant displays of bright orange compact blooms make this plant a popular choice for the Monarch caterpillars.
Puffy white flowers clustered together.

Rattlesnake Master

The unique, globe-shaped floral heads, and shades of silver-blue-green add texture and attract the black swallowtail butterfly.
Purple flower with ornate orange and green center.

Purple Coneflower

With its iconic pink-purple blooms held on strong, study stems, this plant is a popular native wildflower loved by goldfinches and butterflies.
Long stemmed yellow flowers in the garden.

Showy Goldenrod

When many other blooms are fading, this plant offers a bright display of tiny yellow flowers along its cascading branches.
Wide field of purple and yellow flowers.

Prairie Pronto

This vibrant seed mix establishes quickly and provides a year-round pollinator habitat.

Get Involved

Sustainability efforts, such as the pollinator garden, are always looking for student involvement. To get involved, please email

Do you have a sustainability project you’d like to see on Creighton’s campus? To have your idea considered for review and funding, please complete the online CSSAF Application Form.

Students working on watering and weeding the garden.