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CIPER is a learning laboratory where students complete interprofessional education (IPE) activities and courses.

Through the new CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center University Campus, health sciences students at Creighton can put their education into practice in everyday situations with real-time decision making.

View CIPER resources like C-ICE Tool and Team Reasoning Framework and Clinical cases.

Pioneering a New Approach to Clinical Care

CIPER Practice Video Teaser
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I think that this experience taught me a lot about being a leader when necessary and letting others lead when possible.
— Creighton health sciences student
In my future practice, I will use the interprofessional collaboration skills that I have gained by promoting the continuity of care and providing clear communication between all members involved in the patient care.
— Creighton health sciences student
By seeing the benefit that working together created, I will continue to work alongside other members of the healthcare team in the future.
— Creighton health sciences student

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Center for Interprofessional Practice,
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