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Meet Our Law Ambassadors

We’re here for support and encouragement.

Think law school will be contentious, cutthroat, or competitive? Not at Creighton School of Law. Here we believe in the idea that we’re all in this together—for The Greater Good. That philosophy is exemplified by our Law Ambassadors. This volunteer student organization assists administration with admissions and alumni events. It is open to all Creighton law students.

Our Ambassadors

Mckenzie Meradith

Mckenzie Meradith, President

"When I first visited Creighton, the main thing that stood out to me was the community the law school had created. After talking to professors and students, I knew Creighton wanted to support its students and ensure each person had the tools to succeed in their law school career. After being at Creighton for a year, what I saw on my initial visit has only been reaffirmed. I wanted to become a Law Ambassador to help show prospective and admitted students the kind of community Creighton has to offer."
Octavio Edgington

Octavio Edgington, Vice President

"I wanted to be a law ambassador because I’ve been impacted for the better by the welcoming community that exists at Creighton and wanted to pay that forward and play a small part in being a welcoming presence to the next generation of Creighton Law Students."
Emily Fehringer

Emily Fehringer, Treasurer

"I became involved in Creighton's Law Ambassadors because I wanted to be a voice that spoke highly of Creighton and a familiar face for incoming 1Ls. Law Ambassadors is such a great program because we can highlight Creighton's strengths, answer any questions about the law school, and give genuine advice about life as a law student. My favorite thing about being an ambassador is seeing students choose Creighton after I meet them during a Fall or Spring tour."
Kate Hughes

Kate Hughes, Treasurer

"Being able to serve as a Creighton Law Ambassador has given me a great opportunity to share my law school experience with prospective students. Creighton Law is a special place that fosters intellectual growth, professionalism, and strong relationships. We have fantastic educators and a lively student body. The Law Ambassadors always look forward to hosting visitors at the school so please come see us!"
Hanna Knox-Jensen

Hanna Knox-Jensen, 3L Representative

"I became a Law Ambassador because I love Creighton University and wanted to share that with prospective students. The phenomenal professors, various extra-curricular activities, intimate class sizes, and numerous opportunities are just a few of the things that make Creighton Law stand apart from the rest."
Megan Miranda

Megan Miranda, 2L Representative

"I know first-hand that Creighton Law has a lot to offer students academically, socially, and personally. I wanted to be a Law Ambassador to share this experience with prospective students so they're as excited to join the Creighton community as we are to have them!"
Alexis Sahagun

Alexis Sahagun, 1L Representative

"Creighton’s dedication and commitment to its students is why I wanted to become a Law Ambassador. The opportunity to be a bridge between prospective students and our community is a small way for me to return the same commitment. As Law Ambassadors, we have the unique opportunity of meeting prospective students and showing them a glimpse of what it is like to be a law student at Creighton. I want to share my experiences and answer the questions that can only really be answered as a current student (and hopefully be a friendly face when we see you in the Fall!)."