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Meet Our Law Ambassadors

We’re here for support and encouragement.

Think law school will be contentious, cutthroat, or competitive? Not at Creighton School of Law. Here we believe in the idea that we’re all in this together—for The Greater Good. That philosophy is exemplified by our Law Ambassadors. This volunteer student organization assists administration with admissions and alumni events. It is open to all Creighton law students.

Our Ambassadors

Octavio Edgington

Octavio Edgington, Class of 2023

"I wanted to be a law ambassador because I’ve been impacted for the better by the welcoming community that exists at Creighton and wanted to pay that forward and play a small part in being a welcoming presence to the next generation of Creighton Law Students."
Alexis Sahagun

Alexis Sahagun, Class of 2024

"Creighton’s dedication and commitment to its students is why I wanted to become a Law Ambassador. The opportunity to be a bridge between prospective students and our community is a small way for me to return the same commitment. As Law Ambassadors, we have the unique opportunity of meeting prospective students and showing them a glimpse of what it is like to be a law student at Creighton. I want to share my experiences and answer the questions that can only really be answered as a current student (and hopefully be a friendly face when we see you in the Fall!)."
Spencer Lueders

Spencer Lueders, Class of 2024

"My first experience at Creighton Law was a tour of the school by a Law Ambassador. After talking with them, members of the faculty, and the administration, I knew this was something I was interested in sharing with prospective students. After a year of being in Law Ambassadors, I still find the same interest that I had when I first toured, and I am glad I can share that kind of experience with others."
Cameron Scott

Cameron Scott, Class of 2024

"Creighton’s passion and dedication to each student’s success is unmatched. My experience as a law student at Creighton has provided me with more mentors and friendships than I could have imagined. Being a part of law ambassadors allows me to pay it forward to Creighton and show prospective students the familial support Creighton will provide them."
Stefanie Wood

Stefanie Wood, Class of 2024

"Being a Law Ambassador gives me the opportunity to connect with prospective and incoming students and to showcase everything that makes Creighton unique. My favorite part about Creighton is that whether it be the professors, the faculty, the staff, or even fellow students, everyone at Creighton is dedicated to seeing students succeed. Coupled with various extracurricular activities and a commitment to both personal and professional growth, Creighton truly stands out. For me, hosting visits as a Law Ambassador and then seeing that student in the Fall as a 1L is one of the highlights of being here at Creighton."
Brenna Bushey

Brenna Bushey, Class of 2024

"My choice to attend Creighton Law was highly influenced by my campus visit with Law Ambassadors. I learned so much about Creighton Law's programs and activities through the students and am grateful that Law Ambassadors was an available resource during my visit. From my very first experience at Creighton Law, I knew I would feel at home despite being far from family and am excited to share that feeling with prospective students!"
Hannah Junk

Hannah Junk, Class of 2024

"What made Creighton stand out to me was how much it felt like home to me. I was instantly able to feel the sense of community at Creighton Law. Going into my second year of law school I have realized how correct my feeling was. The faculty and staff here want nothing but the best for every single student here. I have joined law ambassadors to show protentional students how great my experience has been and show them what makes Creighton Law stand out."