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Nuremberg Summer Program

Nuremberg to the Hague | June 30- July 26, 2024

Creighton’s Nuremberg Summer Program, “From Nuremberg to The Hague” gives you an opportunity to learn firsthand about the Holocaust in Nuremberg, the Bavarian city that hosted the Nazi war crimes trials after World War II and is considered the birthplace of modern international criminal law. Students from law schools and universities throughout the United States and Germany are welcome to apply for the program

Apply and deposit by March 1, 2024. 

Do not submit deposit until you have been emailed a NET ID by the N2H Program Coordinator.

Creighton's "From Nuremberg to The Hague" Program

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Your Experience

You’ll spend a month in Germany and The Netherlands and visit Poland. An integral part of your class experience will be taking field trips. You’ll see the traces of Germany’s Nazi past by visiting former concentration camps, such as Dachau in Germany and Auschwitz in Poland, Hitler’s “Eagle’s Nest” retreat in the Alps, and by traveling to The Hague, Netherlands, and visit Poland, where war criminals are being prosecuted in the International Criminal Court, the Special Chambers of the Special Court for Kosovo, and the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. By combining classroom instruction with field trips to actual crime scenes, places of conspiracy and current trials, students are exposed to an unprecedented array of historical and legal experiences.

Your Courses

Your classes will be held at Erlangen University, near the center of Nuremberg’s Old City. You’ll take two, three-credit courses:

  • International Criminal Law—Taught by Professor Mike Kelly, the class explores the theoretical and practical reaches of major international crimes, such as genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and aggression. Please note: You may not receive credit for this course if you have taken International Criminal Law on the Creighton campus.
  • From Nuremberg to The Hague—The Impact & Legacy of the Holocaust on the Law—This course, taught by Creighton School of Law Adjunct Professor Michael S. Bryant, is designed to foster a greater understanding of how traumatic events like the Holocaust impact the law and alter the trajectory of the law’s development.
  • International Criminal Law Moot Court—Compete in an international moot court competition that includes students from as many as 30 countries. You will draft briefs and present oral arguments mimicking a case at the International Criminal Court. Arguments are held in the historic Nuremberg Palace of Justice. Later rounds are before prominent international jurists in Courtroom No. 600, the venue for the criminal trials of the Nazi leadership.


The Germany Summer Program is open to Creighton law students, as well as graduate students and upper-level undergraduate students. Non-Creighton students must submit a letter of good standing from their dean along with their application. You’ll receive six credit hours. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are any scholarships available? 

  • Scholarships do not apply to the Summer Session 2/N2H courses. However, if you take the Moot Court course scholarships can apply toward Summer Session 1.

What does the tuition cover and how much will the trip cost me out of pocket?

  • Tuition covers 6 credits, bus transfers between cities and flight between Munich and Krakow and pre-paid travel insurance.
    • Tuition costs $4,500
      • Financial Aid can max at $12,500, leaving you with up to $8,000 in refund.
      • Out of pocket or Financial Aid needs to cover:
        • hotel
        • food
        • euro rail pass
        • flight round trip getting to and from Europe
        • spending money
        • books
        • class materials
      • Deposit of $250 is typically due March 1 and is non-refundable.

When is financial aid disbursed?

  • If you are taking a summer session/term 1 class it will disburse in May.
  • If you are taking only summer session/term 2 – the July N2H trip – it will be 3 business days before the class starts.
    • Summer session/term 2 – N2H --tuition is typically due around the first week of July.

How is N2H study abroad graded?

  • Courses are graded A-F.  However, it is up to Non-Creighton students’ home law school to accept letter grades or pass/fail. Ask your school Registrar.

Are any special immunizations required?

  • Not at this time, however, there is a health clearance form required by study abroad that requires a doctor’s visit and doctor’s clearance of health to travel internationally and medication clearance.
  • A valid passport is required.

Do cell phones and internet work and, if so, what is the cost?

  • You can set up a monthly plan or operate off available wi-fi connections.

Can spouses come? 

  • Yes, and they have almost every summer. Arrangements can be made through the same tours and travel company the N2H students will be using.


Creighton University School of Law’s Nuremberg to The Hague Summer Abroad Program is co-sponsored by Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, the Institute for Holocaust Education, the War Crimes Documentation Center, the U.S. National Section of the International Association of Penal Law, and the Staenberg Family Foundation, and is accredited by the ABA.

It’s great to have non-law students in the program. The questions they ask and the points they make both outside and inside class often draw discussions to interesting policy and history aspects that law students might not gravitate toward.
— Michael Kelly, JD, LLM, Interim Dean