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Fees, Policies and Housing

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Summer 2024 | June 30-July 26, 2024

March 1, 2024 - Application 
March 1, 2024 - Deposit

The following information covers fees, policies and housing for the Creighton University School of Law Nuremberg Summer Program. Of course, the law school’s normal policies remain in effect and supplement the Nuremberg Summer Program policies below.


The Nuremberg Summer Program is open to Creighton University graduate, undergraduate and law students as well as non-Creighton law students. All applicants must be in good standing at their institutions.


The upper amount for the Nuremberg Summer Program for 2024 is estimated at $12,500, however, many students are able to fund the trip for much less.

Eligible expenses for financial aid include:

  • Airfare = $2,500
  • Books = $250
  • Eurail Pass = $900
  • Health Insurance = $50
  • Housing = $2,500
  • Meals = $1,500
  • Transportation = $300
  • Tuition = $4,500

Total Estimated Cost = $12,500

For questions related to financial aid and deadlines, both Creighton and Non-Creighton Students should contact the Office of Financial Aid.


Housing and Rail Options

You must secure and pay for your own housing and rail passes for travel between the Netherlands and Germany and within Nuremberg. For assistance, please contact International Business Seminars (IBS), the official travel agent for the Nuremberg Summer Program.  Students and faculty are highly encouraged to use their expert services as they plan their stays in Europe and seek to make arrangements for housing options. IBS will arrange housing and rail options for students for a reduced fee.
International Business Seminars 
2930 E. Northern Ave, Building B
Phoenix, AZ 85028
Office: 480.874.0100
Mobile: 352.359.3521
Fax: (480) 393-1991

You may also secure your own accommodations. Please budget about $1,500 for housing. While university dormitory options are usually furnished, please be sure to ask about this when reserving private housing. You might also consider sharing an apartment to save money. We suggest the following:

Dormitory accommodations:


Attendance and Participation

You are expected to attend all classes and field trips. Excused absences can be granted by the professor on a case-by-case basis for illness or other difficulties, but unexcused absences may affect your course grade. Creighton School of Law has a required attendance policy: If you miss more than 20% of classes, you will receive a grade of AF (absence failure). Beyond attendance, you are expected to be prepared and participate in this educational experience. Your grade for each course is based primarily on your final exam; however, your professor may take into account your level of participation and preparedness.


You’re expected to:

  • Observe the highest standards of honesty
  • Behave courteously
  • Respect the customs of your host country and your housing providers

Inappropriate behavior, harassment, plagiarism, cheating, dishonesty hostility, or racism will not be tolerated. Engaging in such conduct may result in dismissal from the program without credit or tuition refund. In the event of an issue, your home school will be notified, and bar examiners will be notified of character and fitness issues that should be investigated.


Daily classroom dress is informal; however, you should bring professional attire to wear to court visits and political institutions. Please adhere to local German and Dutch law while on site and be familiar with any relevant provisions.


Each course is worth three credit hours. The Nuremberg Summer Program courses are considered on the same basis as summer school courses at Creighton School of Law. Thus, letter grades are assigned A+ through F on the same basis and are calculated in your GPA on the same basis for Creighton students. The final examination or paper is the primary determinant of your grade for each course. A paper is required for the Holocaust and the Law course in lieu of an examination and a take-home examination is required for the International Criminal Law course.  Due dates are determined by the instructors and will be communicated in class.  For more information, refer to the Creighton School of Law grading policy in the academic rules.

For non-Creighton students, your grades may or may not be converted to pass/fail depending upon your home institution’s policies. Please check with your registrar.  A non-Creighton student who has completed the Creighton University School of Law Nuremberg to the Hague Summer Abroad Program must request an official transcript through the Creighton University Registrar’s Office.  Grades for the Germany courses are usually posted by mid- to late-August. Please click here to order a transcript.


You are responsible for arranging and paying for your own flights to and from Germany. However, recommended arrival and departure points and train connections to Nuremberg will be provided in your materials. Flights from Frankfurt to Nuremberg are then available as well as trains and buses. It’s highly recommended that you travel with a group whenever possible.

Health/Travel Insurance

You must carry travel/health insurance when you travel abroad. The cost is typically $50. Students will be enrolled as a group for travel insurance by the Office of International Programs. The School of Law will pre-pay this expense, which students will then reimburse.

The insurance will cover the dates of the program, as well as travel dates immediately preceding and following the program. Students who will be traveling longer have the option to extend their coverage. 

For more information, please contact the Global Engagement Office, 402.280.2221.


With the exception of the orientation meal, you must arrange and pay for your own meals. For a small deposit, students are provided access cards to the student cafeteria at Fredrich Alexander University for subsidized lunches between classes if they wish to take advantage of this opportunity.


It is the policy of Creighton University to provide equal employment and educational opportunities to faculty, employees, students and applicants for such opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, handicap or disability, marital status, citizenship, sexual orientation, maternity and lactation status, status as a Vietnam-era, special, disabled, or other veteran who served on active duty during a war, campaign, or exhibition for which a campaign badge has been authorized in accordance with applicable federal law. In addition, it is the policy of the University to comply with applicable state statutes and local ordinances governing nondiscrimination in employment and educational activities. For more information, see University Policies and Procedures on Harassment and Discrimination, No. 2.2.3.


Valid passports are required for enrollment and participation in the Nuremberg Summer Program. Please apply early since processing can take some time. Your passport should not expire within six months of your return to the United States. Non-U.S. nationals may be required to secure a visa to participate in this program. Students traveling to Germany for this program do not qualify for work visas; they are considered traveling as tourists. Please check the German government requirements on passport/visa information to ensure that all requirements are met.

Persons with Disabilities

Every effort is made to accommodate persons with disabilities. Please alert the law school and your housing provider in Germany about any such disabilities. Please note that due to the age and potential barriers common in many European settings, accommodations cannot be guaranteed.


You may withdraw from the program and receive a refund if the program is changed or cancelled due to:

  • Low enrollment
  • Social unrest or instability
  • Labor strikes
  • Natural disasters
  • Incapacity/unavailability of adequate faculty
  • Travel warnings issued by the U.S. Department of State
  • Unforeseen events beyond the law school’s control

Please note: The law school is not responsible for the refund of any other fees, flights purchased, deposits on housing, or other related expenses. Refunds cannot be made based on a student’s injury, illness, change of plans, or failure to gain entry into Germany.