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Deans’ Messages on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Meet Our Deans

Read about the School of Medicine Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging leadership team below.

Bo Dunlay, Dean

Robert ‘Bo’ Dunlay, MD

Dean, School of Medicine

“As a Jesuit medical school, Creighton is devoted to globally reducing health care disparities. Achieving this lofty goal requires ongoing efforts to recruit and retain diverse administrators, faculty, students, trainees, and staff. We seek to operationalize an experience that reflects an inclusive academic medical environment.”

Ronn Johnson

Ronn Johnson, PhD, ABPP

Senior Associate Dean, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

“Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion are integral to Jesuit mission-driven values at Creighton University School of Medicine. We experience success as a direct result of the unshakable belief that diversity is our strength, which is embraced across administrators, faculty, staff and students.”

Jaya Raj

Jaya M. Raj, MD, FACP

Assistant Dean, Diversity Inclusion & Belonging Creighton University School of Medicine-Phoenix

“To us, caring for the whole person means not just tending to one's physical health, but also to one's mental, emotional, and spiritual health. When we celebrate diversity, embrace people with different backgrounds, experiences, and cultural identities, and include them with gratitude and humility, we are caring for others in the way we were meant to do.”

Renuga Vivekanandan

Renuga Vivekanandan, MD

Assistant Dean, Strategy & Accreditation

“Achieving cross-cultural psychological safety means proactively working to ensure that historically marginalized members of our academic medical family feel included and experience a sense of belonging. This lofty mission-inspired diversity goal can only be accomplished if everyone engages each other in ways that build a climate of care, trust, mutual respect and inclusion.”

Cassie Eno

Cassie A. Eno, PhD​

Assistant Dean, Evaluation & Analytics

“I hope our collective efforts can make a small contribution toward creating a sense of belonging, safety, and acceptance in all of the academic and personal spaces we occupy.”

Theresa Townley

Theresa A. Townley, MD

Chair, Women in Medicine & Science 

Jessica Seaman

Jessica Seaman, EdD

Assistant Dean, Faculty Development

“As we celebrate our differences through professional development, we increase our understanding of all humankind. We become wiser, more inclusive, and increase our own sense of belonging, while also strengthening faculty, staff, and learners at Creighton.”