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Medical Student Curriculum


During Behavior Medicine 1, students will learn about normal and abnormal childhood development. Students will visit a variety of social agencies that support children in need, including alternative schools, juvenile detention centers, centers for autism, equine therapy, etc.


In the summer between the M1 and M2 year, the Pediatric Department offers a Pediatric Summer Academy (.pdf) elective. Students participate in shadowing opportunities in ambulatory and specialty pediatrics, summer day camps and clinical simulation scenarios. Opportunities for summer research are also available.

Longitudinal clinics at a number of general pediatric offices are available.


During the M3 year, each medical student will complete a 6-week Pediatric clerkship. This clerkship is divided into two 3-week rotations: the inpatient rotation and the outpatient rotation.

During the inpatient rotation, each student will work on the wards at Children's Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha or Phoenix Children's Hospital. Each student also rotates in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at Bergan Mercy Medical Center (CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center - Bergan Mercy), Children's Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha or St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix. Call duties are assigned during the inpatient rotation.

During the outpatient rotation, each student is assigned to an ambulatory pediatric clinic in Omaha or Phoenix. One week of mornings is scheduled in the newborn nursery at Bergan Mercy or St. Joseph's Hospital. 

Weekly attendance of Grand Rounds is encouraged.

M4 Pediatric Course Catalog

Fourth year medical students may select among the following courses in specialized areas of Pediatrics.

  • PDT 420 Pediatric Endocrinology, Phoenix
  • PDT 421 Pediatric Hematology-Oncology, Phoenix
  • PDT 422 Pediatric Rheumatology, Phoenix
  • PDT 423 Pediatric GI and Nutrition, Phoenix
  • PDT 424 Medical Care for Homeless/At-Risk Kids, Phoenix
  • PDT 425 Pediatric Cardiology, Phoenix
  • PDT 426 Pediatric Urology, Phoenix
  • PDT 427 Pediatric Dermatology, Phoenix
  • PDT 428 Pediatric Rheumatology, Omaha
  • PDT 430 Pediatric Sports Medicine, Omaha
  • PDT 431 Introduction to Rehabilitation, Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, Lincoln
  • PDT 440 Breastfeeding Medicine, Phoenix
  • PDT 442 General Pediatrics Outpatient/Nursery, Phoenix
  • PDT 444 Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, Phoenix
  • PDT 446 Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Phoenix
  • PDT 450 Pediatric Orthopedics, Phoenix
  • PDT 459 Pediatric Genetics and Metabolic Disease, Omaha
  • PDT 460 Pediatric Inpatient Sub-Internship, Omaha
  • PDT 461 Pediatric Critical Care, Omaha
  • PDT 463 Pediatric Infectious Disease, Omaha
  • PDT 464 Neonatal  Intensive Care Services, Omaha
  • PDT 466 Pediatric Cardiology, Omaha
  • PDT 467 Pediatric Neurology, Omaha
  • PDT 468 Pediatric Gastroenterology, Omaha
  • PDT 469 Pediatric Endocrinology, Omaha
  • PDT 470 Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, Omaha              
  • PDT 471 Pediatric Pulmonary Elective, Omaha
  • PDT 472 General Pediatrics, Omaha
  • PDT 473 Pediatric Capstone, Omaha
  • PDT 474 Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Omaha
  • PDT 475 Pediatric Pulmonology, Phoenix
  • PDT 477 Clinical/Molecular/Biochemical Genetics, Phoenix
  • PDT 478 Pediatric Nephrology, Phoenix
  • PDT 480 Assessment of Child Abuse and Neglect, Phoenix
  • PDT 481 Development and Behavioral Pediatrics, Phoenix
  • PDT 483 Pediatric Neurology, Phoenix
  • PDT 484 Pediatric Critical Care, Phoenix
  • PDT 485 Neonatology Critical Care, Phoenix
  • PDT 486 Inpatient Pediatrics Sub-Internship, Phoenix
  • PDT 487 Family-Centered Patient Care, Omaha
  • PDT 488 Pediatric Allergy and Immunology, Omaha
  • PDT 490 Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care, Phoenix
  • PDT 494 Pediatric Urgent Care, Phoenix
  • ICD 497 Directed Independent Research, Omaha and Phoenix
  • ICD 498 Directed Independent Study, Omaha and Phoenix