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CITI Registration

Purpose: To provide direction on human subject research protection training (biomedical)

Scope: Applies to all investigators who will be conducting any type of research or academic quality improvement (QI) projects

Responsibilities: All investigators will complete the required training prior to starting any research or academic QI project and will renew the trainings as required

Background: CU uses CITI Program for Human Subject Research Protections training. Founded in 2000, CITI Program is the leading provider of research ethics, compliance, and professional development education. Their online courses are used worldwide by over 2,200 organizations and more than 1 million learners around the world annually. CITI Program offers research ethics, compliance, and professional development education on a number of subjects for various audiences, including researchers, students and faculty, IRB members, research administrators, IBC members, and IACUC members. Courses are also designed to be relevant to specific disciplines such as Biomedical as was as Social and Behavioral fields


  1. Step-by-step directions can be found here 
  2. Investigator can obtain direction from CU Clinical Research Office -
  3. Investigator must register with CITI at
  4. Use an email address that is regularly used by the investigator
  5. Affiliate with Creighton University. Enter email address
  6. Training required of every investigator 
    1. Group 1: Biomedical Research (every 4 years)
    2. CITI Health Information privacy and Security (HIPS) for Clinical Investigators
    3. Good Clinical Practices (GCP) (every 3 years)
    4. Biomedical Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)
    5. Conflict of Interest
    6. Group 2: Social Behavioral Research (if applicable)

Records retention: The training records shall be placed in the User Profile in the electronic IRB system and maintained indefinitely. CITI training is automatically updated

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