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Research Interest Groups

Medical students, as well as graduate learners and trainees, looking for research opportunities and mentors in the School of Medicine are invited to attend Research Interest Groups (RIGs). The RIGs program is supported by the Department of Clinical Research and aims to improve the quality of research within the School of Medicine and provide opportunities for our learners to have access to research projects. Additionally, through RIGs, our faculty find mentees and research teams are formed.

Attend Meetings in Omaha or Phoenix

Meetings are held in-person and virtually and are open to all our students, residents, fellows, and faculty from both campuses.

The Office of Research and the Department of Clinical Research looks forward to supporting and sharing all the new projects that these meetings will bring forth.

Topics covered during a meeting may include:

Studies being considered

  • Scientific merit review
  • Trial design considerations
  • Who should be involved in supporting the study?

Studies ongoing

  • Difficulties with IRB submissions
  • Enrollment issues

Studies completed

  • Analysis phase
  • Writing phase