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Family Medicine Residency Program

Welcome to Creighton's Family Medicine Residency Program

The Creighton University Family Medicine Residency in Omaha, Nebraska is an academic residency program that provides a wide spectrum of training opportunities with a unique patient population cared for by a diverse group of residents and faculty.

What Makes Us Stand Out

  • We form lifelong relationships demonstrated through the close relationships within our teams, including residents, faculty and staff 
  • Six of our current faculty completed either a residency or fellowship in our department 
  • We have created a space for residents and faculty from diverse backgrounds to work collaboratively 
  • Elective months 
  • Choice of inpatient or outpatient emphasis in Omaha, offering: 
    • Robust inpatient service – round collaboratively with pharmacy team 
    • The chance to work in the Creighton University Medical Center - Bergan Mercy, which is a level 1 trauma center, offering access to multiple specialties 
    • The chance to experience OB service and work at Immanuel hospital – unopposed OB residency and working one-on-one with attending and fellows 
  • ACGME-accredited Family Medicine Rural Training Track , where you’ll: 
    • Spend the first year in Omaha, with one half day in Nebraska City weekly 
    • Complete two years in Nebraska City at CHI St. Mary’s, while also benefitting from continued connection with the Family Medicine Residency in Omaha 
Family Medicine Resident photo

About the Program

As a Jesuit institution we focus on “whole person care” meaning that we not only focus on physical health, but also care for the mind and spirit. We have providers and patients from all Religious backgrounds.

Our mission is to focus on the values of each patient and provide a space that is supportive and inclusive to their needs.

Watch the video for a quick tour of our program.

Resident Life

  • House staff council with all other residents and opportunity to be a part of it
  • Wellness Committee, Graduation Committee, Community Outreach Committee, Program Evaluation Committee, Selection Committee, Education Committee, Research/QI Committee, Clinic QI Committee, House Staff, NAFP
  • Attending and senior/junior mentorship
  • Resident development – Funds provided for conferences, purchasing learning material, exam resources and courses such as ATLS, PALS, etc.
  • Feedback and evaluation – quarterly meetings, semi annuals, numbers following, rotation evaluations
  • AAFP and ABFM memberships provided
  • Friendly hardworking culture and safe learning environment
  • Retreats, 5th Fridays, wellness committee and fun learning at didactics

Hear From Our Previous Chief Resident, Dr. John

Shawn John MD
Watch Video
My favorite way to learn is through experience and by example, and there are many here who share the same passion as myself.
— Febi Oyelana, MD

Our Patients

  • We see a wide socioeconomic and geopolitical variety of patients  
  • For residents in Omaha:  
    • We are located in the downtown area and see patients who work in that area (Union Pacific, Mutual of Omaha) 
    • We are also located near shelters for peoples experiencing homelessness, such as the Siena Frances House 
    • Residents participate in a Magis Clinic event yearly 
    • We have a refugee contract for the state of Nebraska and see refugees from all around the world, including Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, etc. 
    • Student health for Creighton University is also located in the same building we see our patients
  • Family Medicine Rural Training Track will experience patient care in Omaha for one year (once a week in Nebraska City) and then learn in Nebraska City. Here, residents will: 
    • Focus on the underserved rural community and the unique challenges this population faces 
    • Have the chance to be part of a close community and get to know patients 

Program Mission and Aims

Our Mission

The mission of Creighton University Family Medicine Residency is to train men and women in the art and science of family medicine (where family medicine is the medical specialty devoted to comprehensive care for people of all ages based on the knowledge of the patient in the context of the family, community and culture the patient exists in) through service to the medically underserved (in all aspects of underserved) while practicing inclusivity in all our interactions (regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, opinion, nationality or citizenship status of the other) in a way that consciously aims to reduce healthcare disparities and teaches our residents to be leaders of advocacy for the health of our community.

    We, the practitioners of Creighton University Family Medicine Residency, stand in proud awe at the gift of healing that our community has bestowed upon us as well as the responsibility that gift entails. Through this service and rigorous training, we actively seek to undergo a transformation of who we are into persons awake to a fuller sense of themselves in order to become a beacon of health and a space for healing for all our current and future patients.

    Our Aims

    1. Develop faculty to be masters of professional mentorship and giving articulate and useable feedback to learners, all while practicing excellent medicine
    2. Develop residents to be future community leaders and advocates while practicing excellent medicine
    3. Establish a clinical experience for the residents that teaches medicine through all ages and in all situations
    4. Establish a mission experience for residents that helps them articulate their own mission statement, while serving the medically underserved in various forms
    5. Develop and maintain a culture of inclusivity, diversity and service to the marginalized of society
    6. Develop astute clinical reasoning applicable to all persons regardless of culture, nationality or life circumstance


    • We have two faculty champions who lead the QI and Research, Dr. Elsasser, PharmD and Dr. Mullick, MD
    • We meet once a month to discuss projects
    • Our focus in our QI and Research historically has been to improve the health of the community and improve the quality of care we provide to our patients
    • “Food Insecurity” won an award at the 2019 Creighton QI Symposium
    • “Interprofessional and Collaborative Care Practice” won an award at the 2021 Creighton QI Symposium

    Career Guidance

    • Opportunities for fellowships, i.e sleep medicine, sports, ER, OB, geriatrics etc.
    • In house Family Medicine Obstetrics Fellowship
    • 98% Board pass rate over the past 5 years
    • Program pays for Board Exams in third year

    Contact Us

    Residency Coordinator

    Kelsie Gurule

    Kelsie Gurule 

    Creighton University Education Building
    7710 Mercy Road Suite 602
    Omaha, NE 68124

    For clinic information, visit CHI Health.

    We accept all ECFMG pathways for Step 2 CS.