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Message From the Podiatry Director

Thank you for your interest in the Creighton University School of Medicine Phoenix Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency with Reconstructive Rearfoot and Ankle training program. Our program primarily functions out of the Valleywise Health Medical Center in downtown Phoenix. We are a small, yet busy program that strives to pursue academic excellence, to provide comprehensive podiatric medical and surgical care, and to serve our community of need.

The center of the residency training at CUSOM-PHX revolves around the following principles:

  • Our residents train under faculty with who are dedicated to teaching and mentoring.
  • Promotion of clinical and surgical confidence through experiential learning.
  • Progressive surgical training from basic to advanced methodology in regards to techniques and management.
  • Focusing on personal health and wellness while managing the demands of residency training.
  • The curriculum, clinical / surgical experiences and didactics provide a robust, comprehensive exposure to not only podiatry, but general medicine and surgery.
  • Fostering an environment of inclusion and equity that celebrates the diversity of our residents, faculty and community.
  • Cultivating an inquisitive life-long learner to enhance professional knowledge and evidence-based practice.

Our program is designed for residents to actively participate in the medical and surgical management of patients. Residents finish well above the minimum activity volumes (MAVs) and typically meet their numbers by the middle of their second year of training.

We look forward to having you rotate with us. Should you have any questions about the program, we would be happy to answer them and determine if CUSOM-PHX is the right fit for you.

Bryan Roth, DPM