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Podiatry Clerkship Program

The Podiatry Clerkship rotation at Valleywise Health Medical Center is the rotation affiliated with the CUSOM-PHX PMSR/RRA training program.

Our goal is to be instrumental in your podiatric medical and surgical development while here at our program. As a student rotating at our facility, you will be incorporated into the team and actively participating in clinic, surgery and academics. Students are expected to present to the group on an approved topic of choice prior to the end of the rotation.

You will have experiential learning through: operating room cases, in-patient management, emergency consultations, hospital-based clinics, nonpodiatric experiences (burn surgery), and didactics. Students are not expected to take call either in the evenings or weekends and instead recommend they have a chance to experience the desert southwest and what the state of Arizona offers.

In general, we take 2-3 students per month and from all of the CPME approved podiatric medical schools/colleges.

Applying to a Clerkship

Prospective students  apply through the DPM Clerkship website . After students are approved for a clerkship, Valleywise Health Medical Center has an onboarding system, Clinician Nexus, and additional requirements which include the need to have an uploaded Arizona Level One DPS Fingerprint Card prior to the rotation. This typically takes 3-4 weeks to obtain, please plan accordingly.

Should you have any questions during regarding the program or during the clerkship process, feel free to reach out to our program director, Bryan Roth.


Bryan Roth
Program Director