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You’re officially a nursing student. Now what?

Welcome to Creighton University College of Nursing! We are excited to have you in our college and look forward to assisting you during your transition to college.

Now that you’ve been accepted into the Traditional BSN program, it’s time to take these important next steps. Your freshman advisor is here to make your transition to the College of Nursing smooth and successful.

  1. Check your Creighton email daily for your registration materials, including registration date and time, and assigned freshman advisor contact information. Your Creighton email is the official means of communication at Creighton University.
  2. Your freshman advisor will contact you via phone if you are not attending a Summer Preview session to discuss your fall course schedule and registration. You will meet with your freshman advisor if you are attending Summer Preview Session.

College of Nursing Compliance Requirements

As a nursing student, you are required to comply with clinical and accrediting requirements throughout your nursing program. In addition to the two requirements listed below, you will be asked to complete additional College of Nursing (CON) and clinical requirements throughout the program. For questions with the traditional nursing program compliance requirements, please contact

Freshmen Year Requirements

Compliance requirements must be completed prior to the first day of fall semester.

Please be advised that as you progress through the traditional nursing program there will be more compliance requirements that will incur additional costs. More information will be provided on these requirements throughout the program.

Creighton University Immunization Requirements

All new Creighton students are required to submit immunization records to Student Health Education and Compliance.  To maintain a safe, healthy campus, immunization requirements are strictly enforced. 

All Creighton students are asked to upload immunization records electronically via the secure patient portal called the Birdhouse. Please log into your Student Portal to find directions on completing these items through Student Health Education and Compliance. 

The Magis Common Core Curriculum (PDF) for undergraduate Creighton students was initiated in 2014 with the start of that academic year. This link to the Magis Core Curriculum provides detailed information about the Core and lists a variety of courses available to meet the different components of the Core. Explanations of the various levels and components are also found at that link.

Nursing Courses

As a nursing student, there are some components that are met by very specific courses designed to provide the foundation and support for your subsequent nursing courses. Examples of plans of study are linked below. Please review these before registration.

Discuss your schedule with your freshman advisor. Important items to discuss are AP, IB, dual credits, ROTC and study abroad options as these circumstances may change your course selections.

When you have done your research (looked up course sections and times) and feel ready to set your schedule, start looking in the NEST for open course sections. In the event, that your selected courses are unavailable (already filled), you will need to have backup schedules. Please use the Schedule Planning Worksheet to develop multiple course schedule options.

Pre-registered Courses

Students on the 4-year plan of study will be pre-registered for RSP 102 Introduction to the Culture of College Life. 

Prerequisite Nursing Courses

Prerequisite nursing courses include PSY 201, CHM 111, MTH 205, SOC 101/ANT 111/ANT 112/ANT 113. These courses also fulfill Magis Common Core Curriculum requirements. When searching for classes on the Class Schedule Search page, refer to the following example:

Class Schedule Sample Image















Registration Tutorials

Searching for Courses with Attributes (Magis Common Core)

On the Plan of Study documents, attributes (or categories) that have an “X” in the course number and indicate multiple course options that fulfill Magis Common Core requirements. When searching for classes that have a “X” on the Class Schedule Search page, use the “Attribute Type”, Magis Common Core: XXX. Leave other search fields as “All,” then scroll to the “Attribute Type” search box found on the lower half of the Class Schedule Search page.

Class Schedule Search Sample 2














This search will allow you to pull up all the classes/options that you may choose to fulfill a Magis Common Core requirement:

  • 1CCC Magis Common Core: I Cont Comp = ENG 15X
  • 1CCT Magis Common Core: I Christian = THL 11X
  • 1CHI Magis Common Core: I Critcl Iss* = XXX 17X (*This class has a co-req of COM 101)
  • 1COC Magis Common Core: I Oral Comm = COM 101 (The co-req for Magis Common Core: I Human Inquiry)
  • 1CPI Magis Common Core: I Phil Ideas = PHL 11X
  • 2CUN Magis Common Core: II Undrst NS = ___ ___

Examples of Magis Common Core Courses

Critical Issues
Critical Issues is required during Freshman year; however, not all students will take Critical Issues/COM their first semester.

Critical Issues in Human Inquiry (XXX 17X – 3 units) has a “co-requisite”, meaning, you will register for this course and the correct / matching Communicating Critical Issues (COM 101 – 1 unit).  When you choose your Critical Issues in Human Inquiry section, you will find the correct / matching co-requisite Communicating Critical Issues course listed under “NOTES” in the course description.  In order to register for these co-requisite courses, you will have to insert both CRNs for the correct / matching sections together, and press “register”.  In other words, when you are in the registration add / drop site, you will need to enter both CRNs together (matching co-requisites) in the “add” boxes.  You will not be able to check the box next to each class individually.  If you do not enter both CRNs together, you will receive an error message.

Class Search Attribute Sample










Class Schedule Sample Philosophy and Theology Attributes

Registration Resources

  • NEST: Select the semester you want to search, FALL 2022. (Note: Fall 2022 includes the fall schedule. Academic Year 2022-2023 relates to year-long pre-professional courses sponsored by the Student Success program. Please search by “Fall 2022”)

Helpful Tips for Registration

  • Have your advisor-approved schedule ready with alternate courses in mind in case any of your desired courses are unavailable.
  • Know your NetID login information (ID and Blue password) so you can sign into NEST.
  • Know your registration time and have your PIN handy. Once you are logged into NEST, your registration PIN allows you to access the Add/Drop area, so you can register for classes.
  • Having trouble getting into NEST? Call the DoIT Student Help Desk at 402.280.1111 and select option 2.
  • Experiencing difficulties with registration? Contact the Registrar’s Office at 402.280.4019.
  • If you have trouble finding open courses that fit your schedule, work with your freshman advisor and refer to the Pre-Registered Courses information under the Plan Your Schedule section.
  • Do not drop CHM 111, EXS 111, or RSP 102. These courses are required for all nursing students on the 4-year plan of study.
  • Making changes to your schedule is easy! Just log in to NEST from time to time and check the status of your desired courses. If another student drops the class or more seats become available, you can always add it to your schedule. If you want to change a course section, please check the course availability throughout the summer.