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2023 Hooding and Commencement Ceremony 

Thursday, May 11, 2023
DJ Sokol Arena at the Ryan Athletic Center
9 a.m.

Student Speakers – selected by their peers to provide remarks (TBA)
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy

Complete list of events and completion items for graduates (coming in mid-March)

Post photos to any social platform using #CreightonGrad

What is the Hooding Ceremony?

The hooding ceremony is where graduates formally receive the academic hood representing their profession. At Creighton University, professional degree candidates, such as M.D. (medicine), J.D. (law), Ph.D. (philosophy), OTD, DPT and PharmD are “hooded” in academic attire which includes a doctoral gown and tam hat in a special ceremony held within their school. At the hooding ceremony, all candidates are hooding by department faculty and recite the oath or pledge of their profession.

Candidates for degree completion are presented by program faculty their respective academic hood as part of their academic attire. The academic hood is a symbolic piece of academic attire worn over the gown. It goes over the head and looks like a medieval hood draping over the shoulders and flowing down the back. It is made of velvet in the color of the profession (OT-ink, pharmacy-olive green, PT-teal) and silk in the colors of the University (royal blue and white), as well as a black cotton to match the gown.

In Absentia

Students who complete their degree program in the spring semester are required to be present at University Commencement in May to receive their degree(s). Students who complete their degree program in any other semester will need to indicate they are not able to attend the School’s May Hooding and University Commencement ceremony. The respective deans, or their representative (listed below for SPAHP) of the Schools and Colleges of the University are responsible for clearing all participants in the University Commencement ceremony.

Students who have extreme circumstances and cannot attend the ceremony must indicate in the application for degree their intention regarding attendance. Attendance is required at the School’s Hooding and University Commencement ceremony and approval to not attend must be submitted to Dr. Katie Wadas-Thalken, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs.

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