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Physical Therapy Specialization Tracks

Physical Therapy Specialization Tracks

The specialization track initiative creates opportunities for physical therapy students to gain knowledge and practical experiences in specialty areas of physical therapy beyond the required entry-level curriculum. A graduate specialization is similar to a minor for an undergraduate degree. The purpose is to prepare students for advanced career opportunities, residency education, or pursuit of an advanced degree. Any student in good academic standing is eligible to apply during the 4th semester of the DPT curriculum. Upon meeting all specialization track requirements, graduates will earn a special designation on their transcripts. Specialty tracks currently offered include: 


  • The Sports Specialization Track is comprised of electives and specialty experiences focused on sports physical therapy. This track includes topics addressing the acute management and clinical management of sports related injuries, referral and return to activity decisions, injury prevention, and performance enhancement. 


  • The Research Specialization Track is comprised of electives and specialty experiences focused on scientific inquiry in rehabilitation science. This track includes opportunities for participation in a seminary series exploring critical questions, problems, and contemporary issues in rehabilitation research. It also provides opportunities for students to conduct research projects, under the direction and guidance of a faculty member. In collaboration with the faculty advisor, students establish specific learning objectives, a defined scope of work, and specific products to be completed which may include a presentation or publication. 

Women's Health  

  • The women’s health specialty track provides electives and specialty experiences in women’s health physical therapy. Topics include pregnancy/postpartum and pelvic health. Students will have an opportunity to gain experience in assessment and treatment techniques for women’s health conditions as well as to engage in the literature to explore critical issues and questions in this specialty patient population. Students will have a culminating experience in developing scholarly activity or patient education materials under the supervision of a faculty advisor. 

For a full list of courses required for the specializations, please refer to the Creighton University Course Catalog.

Contact Information

For questions specific to the Sports or Research Specializations, please contact:

Terry Grindstaff, PT, ATC, PhD


For questions specific to Women's Health, please contact:

Julie Peterson, PT, DPT, WCS