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Do you have a passion for music? Do you enjoy the thrill of performing? If so, you can pursue your passion with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in music from Creighton University. Music majors learn the historical, theoretical, aesthetic and practical approaches to the study of Western art music. At Creighton, you’ll receive a comprehensive musical education that prepares you for a variety of post-graduate options.

Music Minor

The music minor will give you a solid foundation in musical arts. The minor provides a basic understanding of music theory, music history, ear training, sight-singing and performance on voice or a selected instrument.


The median salary for those with a bachelor’s degree in music is $42,000, and nearly 20% of music graduates go on to work in education, according to the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce.

Music graduates are also found in:

  • Music industry and business
  • Music therapy
  • Communications and media
  • Library science
  • Professional, community and church conducting and composing

Many music graduates go on to advanced study in music, law, education and the health sciences; professional employment with performing organizations; arts administration positions; and private employment (such as private music instruction).

What You'll Learn

  • To analyze, critique and stylistically categorize a piece of music using traditional theory techniques
  • To identify, compare/contrast and describe major composers, genres and stylistic movements within the primary eras of Western art music
  • To sight-sing individual lines of music on primary clefs in major and minor keys
  • How to aurally identify and dictate major and minor keys, chord qualities, basic harmonic progressions and simple voice-leading
  • How to play simple piano compositions, major and minor scales, and arpeggios
  • How to produce a vocal sound with proper breath support
  • The history of your primary instrument or voice type
  • Performance techniques


Admissions Requirements

Special requirement for admission to the music program: Audition in front of the full-time music faculty after the first semester of enrollment in applied lessons, scheduled through the music coordinator.

Learn more about general admissions requirements for Creighton University.


Tuition & Scholarships

Grace Keenan Endowed Scholarship

The $4,000 Grace Keenan Endowed Scholarship is available to incoming freshmen who intend to major or minor in the visual or performing arts. The renewable scholarship is funded by a donation from Grace Keenan, a retired teacher who loved the arts and opened her home and heart to Creighton students.

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