Neuroscience (Bachelor of Science)

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The neuroscience major (Bachelor of Science) at Creighton University opens up the workings of the brain and the nervous system for you to investigate and comprehend.

Studying neuroscience means exploring a variety of scientific disciplines, such as biology, physics, cognitive psychology, chemistry, philosophy and more–and seeing what it all means for our understanding of human behavior.

Neuroscience encompasses:

  • how the nervous system controls and responds to bodily functions and directs behavior
  • how nervous system structure and function are determined by genes and the environment, and
  • how the brain serves as the foundation of the mind, awareness and thought.

As a neuroscience major, you’ll participate in hands-on research. That means you can pursue the questions that most excite you – and prepare for an equally exciting career. Whatever you decide to do after you major in neuroscience, studying within the framework of a Jesuit liberal arts and sciences education will make you a well-rounded critical thinker. You’ll learn about ethical and social issues in addition to core scientific concepts.


Neuroscience jobs have increased in the past several years, as neuroscience research has escalated to a global effort and has recently been highlighted within the U.S. by the Presidential BRAIN Initiative. In the Midwest, jobs that required a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience rose 50% while the number of national job postings with the same requirements rose 34% from 2010-2013, according to the Education Advisory Board.

A neuroscience major makes excellent preparation for medical or pharmacy school, other graduate programs and the workforce – which may include jobs in neurology, neuroscience or medical sales.

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