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Want insight into human behaviors, thoughts and emotions? Eager to conduct research as an undergraduate? Pursuing a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychological Science from Creighton University may be the perfect option for you.

As a psychology major at Creighton, you’ll gain hands-on experience by working in the community. Students who are enrolled in child psychology and school psychology courses, for example, work in agencies that serve these populations. Additionally, you’ll work side-by-side with faculty on research projects. And, for students headed to graduate or professional school, these experiences provide a stronger case for acceptance and a head start after being accepted.

Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience Minor

A minor in behavioral and cognitive Neuroscience is particularly relevant to individuals interested in the biological sciences and related careers. The goal of the minor is to provide a balanced, synthesized and integrated view of the brain and its relation to cognition and behavior.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for psychologists is $69,280.

Creighton’s psychology program provides you with an excellent foundation, whether you’re interested in furthering your education or planning to start your psychology career right away. Creighton graduates with a BS in psychology:

  • Pursue masters and doctorate degrees in various areas of psychology (e.g., counseling/clinical, educational/school, cognitive, development, forensic, social, physiological, industrial/organizational)
  • Pursue professional training in the health professions (medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, physical therapy, occupational therapy), in business (advertising, marketing and management) or law
  • Pursue advanced degrees in other psychology-related fields, such as social work or human resources

What You'll Learn

  • Conduct research and statistical analysis
  • Understand behavior and mental processes
  • Learn how psychology is used in various fields, such as business, education and healthcare
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Hone your oral and written communication skills


Student Organizations

  • Psi Chi

    Psi Chi, the national honor society in psychology, encourages excellence in scholarship. The Creighton chapter recognizes the importance of maintaining this excellence through community service, social functions and scientific research.


Psychology Internship Opportunities

Our undergraduate psychology internship program allows you to enroll in a course where you will receive supervised training in the delivery of human services ranging from psychiatric care to criminal probationary services. These experiences will be an exciting supplement to your classroom activities, and give you direction in making your career decisions.

Research Opportunities

At Creighton, you’ll have a variety of psychology research opportunities available. We encourage students to collaborate with faculty members on research projects. This type of research experience, from project development through the presentation and publication of the results, sets Creighton psychology students apart, and has helped our alumni gain admission to high-quality graduate programs in psychology and professional programs of all types (e.g., law schools, medical schools, business schools).

Admissions Requirements

Learn about general admission requirements for Creighton University or find out how to transfer credits to Creighton.

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