Sustainability (Bachelor of Arts)

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Government, nonprofit, corporate and faith leaders – they’re all talking about sustainability. Through a major or minor in sustainability from Creighton University, you can find your voice in this conversation and help make a more livable future in your community and around the world.

Through courses taught by expert faculty in business, economics, sociology, communication, theology, philosophy, political science, biology, chemistry and more, our Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in sustainability equips you with a wide range of knowledge and skills. You’ll gain the ability to problem-solve successfully with others in formulating, recommending and implementing sustainable solutions. You can choose to take some courses in an area that interests you, developing your own particular interests in sustainability. In addition, all students will gain valuable hands-on experience through a sustainability internship.

As part of the Jesuit, Catholic educational experience, the program includes a personal reflection or “discernment” component. This provides a unique opportunity to reflect on your experience in the program and how you’ll commit to caring for creation, both now and in your career.


Many careers in sustainability are new and dynamic, with demand increasing. Graduates will be prepared to advise on sustainable business practices, sustainable development, and environmentally and socially conscious public policy.

They may hold positions as sustainability specialists, advisors or directors in corporations, nonprofit agencies, or government agencies at all levels. Graduates may also pursue careers in environmental education, business, law, or planning.

What You'll Learn

  • Gain multidisciplinary knowledge of social, political, cultural, scientific, and economic principles, systems and structures influencing sustainability
  • Understand humanity as interdependent with the natural systems, spiritual systems and ecological vision.
  • Practice discernment to identify appropriate commitments.
  • Develop competence in defining and deconstructing problems through critical thinking.
  • Learn how to engage effectively in team collaboration for purposes including framing problems, organizing social action, designing and creating solutions.
  • Learn how to communicate to a wide variety of audiences face-to-face and through a wide range of media.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to social and global responsibility and an awareness of Catholic environmental perspectives.
  • Gain experience with a sustainable program on campus or in the larger Omaha community.
  • Gather a sense of the job market possibilities as you develop career skills.



This program has been designed in cooperation with local and regional industry professionals who offer internship sites. Internship options will be available with local nonprofit agencies, city or local government entities, corporations or start-up companies. To maximize the experience, internships will be complemented by classroom time, so you will also earn credit toward your major.

Research Opportunities

Research opportunities available will depend on the interests you discover. Several program faculty members conduct ongoing sustainability research. If you think you might be interested in conducting research during the course of your major, contact the Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship or the Director of Sustainability Studies, leighter [at] creighton [dot] edu (Dr. Jay Leighter).

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