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When you pursue a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in theology from Creighton University, you’ll get an introduction to the various sub-disciplines within theology, according to its classic definition as “faith seeking understanding.”

Why choose Creighton to pursue your theology major? Because you’ll have the opportunity to take courses in a wide variety of areas from faculty members who are also active scholars. The largest Creighton theology classes enroll 35 students, and upper-division seminars for majors usually have an enrollment between 10 and 15. You’ll never be an anonymous face in the crowd in a Creighton theology course.

So, if you want to deepen your understanding of your own faith or learn more about the significance of religion in today’s world, then Creighton’s theology program is the right place for you.

Applied Ethics Minor

An interdisciplinary program of studies designed to provide students with an understanding of applied ethics from two perspectives, philosophy and theology. The minor introduces students to the differences and similarities in philosophical and theological approaches to applied ethics, different theories of ethics in these two disciplines and how to relate the two.

Biblical Studies Minor

The biblical studies minor examines historical, social and literary contexts of the biblical texts and their use in theological traditions. Students will explore the Old and New Testaments using the techniques of modern historical criticism.

Christian Life Studies Minor

The minor in Christian life studies offers students an opportunity to explore the practical ways in which Christians “grow in the image and likeness of God,” as that question has been addressed within the disciplines of Christian ethics and/or Christian spirituality. In Christian ethics, students investigate the basic principles, values and practices that ground an authentic moral life.

Theology Minor

The minor in theology will introduce you to with the basic principles and methods of theology. Depending on your interests, you can then apply those principles and methods to specific topics or areas of study in historical or contemporary theology.


Creighton’s theology program provides a solid foundation for graduate or professional (such as law or health professions) study. Recent graduate and professional school placements include:

  • University of Notre Dame
  • Princeton Theological Seminary
  • Brown University
  • Emory University
  • Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
  • Sacred Heart Seminary
  • Saint Louis University
  • Yale Divinity School
  • Boston College

Recent theology graduates are now pursuing careers in ministry, medicine, law, nursing, business and the nonprofit sector. Our graduates have most recently found positions with the following:

  • Catholic Schools, Diocese of Tulsa
  • Project Interfaith
  • Skutt High School
  • Creighton Prep
  • United States Air Force

Theology majors who also obtain certification in education are in particular demand. At the present time, Nebraska is the only state that allows students to earn an endorsement to teach religion at the secondary level. Some of our majors move into education after completing their degrees, especially by joining the Magis Catholic Teacher Corps.


  • Biblical Studies Specialization
  • Doctrinal, Historical or Liturgical Theology Specialization
  • Christian Life Studies Specialization

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What You'll Learn

  • Investigate the basic principles, values and practices that ground an authentic moral life
  • Explore the Old and New Testaments using the techniques of modern, historical criticism
  • Gain an understanding of applied ethics from two perspectives, philosophy and theology Christian ethics
  • Explore the development of the Christian theological tradition in its historical complexity
  • Learn doctrinal themes, such as Trinitarian thought, Christology and Ecclesiology


Getting a BA in theology requires only 36 hours of classes and many theology classes also fulfill core curriculum requirements. So, you’ll have the flexibility to complete another major, a minor or the coursework required for application to medical school.

Theology Curriculum


Theology Internship Opportunities

The theology department doesn’t offers internships directly, but many of our majors take part in other internship programs at Creighton. In recent years, for example, a number of our students have served as interns for Creighton’s Office of Campus Ministry.

Encuentro Dominicano Program

We encourage our majors to broaden their understanding of theology by studying abroad.  Many of our students participate in Creighton’s Encuentro Dominicano Program. Faculty members also help students to encounter world Christianity in context, by leading summer travel courses to places such as Bolivia, Peru, Uganda and Tanzania.

Research Opportunities

The primary research opportunity for theology majors occurs in Senior Seminar, where students prepare and publicly present a research paper. Many of our students have also shared their research at regional undergraduate theology conferences. Since 1998, a number of Creighton theology students have had their senior projects accepted for publication in the Journal of Theta Alpha Kappa. A recent graduate was awarded the Albert Clark Prize, which is given each year to the outstanding undergraduate paper submitted to the Journal of Theta Alpha Kappa.

Like other Creighton undergraduates, Theology majors are eligible to compete for the College of Arts and Sciences Summer Research Scholarships. Information regarding these scholarships is posted each year at Undergraduate Summer Research Opportunities.

Admissions Requirements

Learn about general admission requirements for Creighton University or find out how to transfer credits to Creighton.

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