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Card Services Office

Harper Center, Suite 1090

Phone: 402.280.4700

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
We follow the University's holiday schedule.

See our complete FAQ below.

Can I deposit Jaybucks for a student?

Yes. You can deposit Jaybuck$ for a student if you know their NetID by visiting the StudentLink guest page and clicking on "Add Jaybucks Here".

Do I need a U.S. Bank account to use JayBucks?

No.  Your JayBuck$ account is completely separate from any banking services associated with your card.  JayBuck$ may be deposited from ANY card with a VISA or MasterCard logo, regardless of the bank issuer.

Am I eligible to receive a Creighton ID?

Any student currently enrolled for classes is eligible to receive an ID card, as well as all benefit-eligible employees. Supervisors of temporary employees may request an ID for their employee if the department is willing to pay the cost.

How long does it take to receive an ID?

The carding process only takes a few minutes, provided you are in our system. Students are in the system once they have registered for classes. New employees are in our system once they have received a netID, which is issued by DoIT after Human Resources has processed the employment paperwork.

How often do we receive new cards?

Identification cards are intended to last your duration at the University. You do not receive a new one each year. If a card is lost, there is a $20 replacement fee to issue a new one. To prevent possible misuse of your account, you should also visit our portal site to report it missing.

My card is worn out. Can I have it replaced?

If your card is worn from "normal use" you may bring it to the Card Services Office for a replacement. However, if it shows any signs of abuse, including peeled edges or holes, you may be subject to the $20 damaged card fee.

Is my bank account secure if I use my ID as an ATM card?

As long as you do not write your PIN on your Creighton ID card, your funds will remain as safe as with any other ATM card.  Your Creighton ID is valid only for PIN-based transactions (ATM card).  The card alone is not enough to access your checking account.  In addition, no one at the University has access to your banking information. Except for the ATMs on campus, all other systems will see it only as an ID card.

Can I punch a hole to facilitate use of my card?

No, because of a new radio frequency antenna within the card, you can no longer punch holes in it. Any holes will void the warranty and you will be charged for a damaged card.

If I have lost my current card do I still get a new one?

Yes, but there is a $20 replacement fee for all lost cards.

I will be retiring soon. Do I need a retiree card?

No. Your current ID card will still allow you to access basic University services, but this must be coordinated with your department. Your college dean or department supervisor needs to send an email to Card Services to grant special access (beyond parking access). You will also need to contact the library if you intend to check out materials. If you do not have your Creighton ID, a retiree card can be issued for a nominal fee.