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Graduate Assistants

Yasmine Jakmouj

I was born and raised in Lawrence, KS and originally came to Creighton to pursue a career in the medical field. Though that didn't last past my freshman year, I couldn't be more thankful for the path I ended up on. I graduated in May 2021 with a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology and secondary major in Spanish and Hispanic Studies. During my undergraduate days, I was involved in many things: CCAS Honors Program, New Student Orientation, Green Jays, and the Muslim Student Association (to name a few), though by far the most important was the SCSJ. I worked for 3 years as part of the Local Community Engagement team leading weekly service to Lutheran Family Services, Yates ECP, Completely Kids, and occasionally other sites. I couldn't be more excited to return to this team as a Graduate Assistant while I pursue my MBA in the Heider College of Business. I look forward to helping other Creighton students have impactful service and justice experiences, and can't wait to be part of this amazing office again. Outside of work I enjoy reading, playing and watching soccer, spending time with friends, and traveling. I'm always down for a cup of tea and love meeting new people, so stop by the SCSJ and say hi! 

Izzy Senechal

I have called many places home: born and raised in Long Beach, CA, transplanted to Sacramento in middle school, Omaha for my undergraduate studies and—briefly—New York City. (Fun fact: I can tell you how to get to Sesame Street because I lived by Sesame Street.) In 2019 I graduated from Creighton University with a BA in Journalism, English and French. During my sophomore year, an advocacy team leader for the SCSJ invited me to a weekend conference hosted by Catholic Relief Services, opening the way for my future involvement in the SCSJ and, consequently, some of the most meaningful and formative learning experiences I had at Creighton. I went on to participate in three Service and Justice Trips (Winnebago, NE, Mobile, AL and Wheeling, WV), and joined the SCSJ delegation to Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice in 2017 and 2018. After graduation, I completed a postgraduate media fellowship at America Media, where I gained invaluable experience generating multimedia content and covering social justice, culture and the Catholic world. The fellowship reinforced my love for justice-oriented storytelling, a passion which I am excited to continue honing with the SCSJ’s communications team as a graduate assistant. I am grateful for the opportunity to reconnect with the Creighton community and pursue my Master’s in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution while working in the SCSJ. I look forward to accompanying students through the discomfort, challenges and joy they’ll experience as they grow into contemplatives in action.