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Preparing the FSL community for success.

Fraternity and Sorority Life trainings are designed to prepare members of the FSL community to enter each phase their journey, whether that’s beginning their time with an organization or looking forward to mentoring a younger member.

Big Sister Training

  • Members of the sorority community who made the decision to be a “Big” sister or mentor to the new members of their chapter were required to attend a Big Sister Training to learn about the responsibilities and expectations of the big Sister role.

Big Brother Training

  • Members of the fraternity community who made the decision to be a “Big” brother to the newest members of their chapter are required to attend a Big Brother training.

New Member Retreat

  • The New Member Retreat is a required event for all students who joined a fraternity or sorority after formal recruitment. This training provides the newest members of the Fraternity and Sorority Life community with the resources and expectations of what it means to be a Creighton Fraternity man or Sorority woman.

Executive Team Leadership Training

  • The leadership teams (executive teams) from each fraternity and sorority are required to attend a day-long training to assist in their transition into a leadership role. This training will provide information on leading an organization, difficult conversations, accountability, hazing and risky behavior, liability, and much more.

Future Chapter President’s Workshop

  • Thinking about running to be your chapter’s next president? This workshop is designed for you! Any student considering running or being slated for their chapter president is required to attend this session to learn more about the presidency role. Guest presenters will engage students in topics such as organization liability, risk management, group facilitation, accountability, changes in relationships, partnering with the University and the National office, and much more.

Contact Information

Student Leadership & Involvement Center (SLIC)
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