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Major & Minor Exploration Resources

When choosing a major or minor, it's helpful to understand all your options. In addition to completing one or more career assessments, make sure to research Creighton's academic programs of study and what career paths you might pursue with a given major. You can also see what previous students have done by looking at student outcomes.

For more assistance, make an appointment with an advisor in the John P. Fahey Career Center.

What Can I Do With This Major?

Not sure a major of interest could lead to a satisfying career? You might be surprised by the versatility of most majors. Use the What Can I Do With This Major? resource to find an outline of possible career paths, typical employers, and strategies you can employ to maximize career opportunities.

**Please note that the website is not maintained by the Career Center but is provided as a convenience to students. Not all listed majors are offered at Creighton University but are included to help you further explore your career options.