Student Research

Work beside a faculty-mentor on research that makes an impact.

Research at Creighton University

At Creighton, numerous research opportunities allow students at any stage in their education to pursue big ideas and make discoveries that can change the world. Maybe that’s why we’re one of the top universities for student research and creative activities.

Throughout the research process, you’ll work side by side with expert faculty members. This supportive environment gives you a competitive advantage for the next stage of your education or career.

Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship

Our Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (CURAS) offers programs and awards to help support students who want to experience research. CURAS:

  • Helps students learn about and get involved in research and scholarly activities in a variety of disciplines
  • Funds summer research projects
  • Provides training and programming for students to enhance their research skills
  • Facilitates interactions between students and professors to provide students with the opportunity to develop hands-on experience
  • Spreads the word about student achievement and supporting travel for students to present their results at meetings/conferences

Learn more about how to get started with undergraduate research.