Student Research

Work beside a faculty-mentor on research that makes an impact.

At Creighton, numerous research opportunities allow students at any stage in their education to pursue big ideas and make discoveries that can change the world. Maybe that’s why we’re one of the top universities for student research and creative activities.

Throughout the research process, you’ll work side by side with expert faculty members. This supportive environment gives you a competitive advantage for the next stage of your education or career. Our Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (CURAS) offers programs and awards to help support your research goals and can help you get started with undergraduate research.

Featured Student Researcher

Mary Elizabeth Yeh, neuroscience major, class of 2018

With her fascination for brains and plans to become a neurosurgeon, engaging in research was, well, a no-brainer for Mary Elizabeth Yeh. She received support from Creighton’s Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (CURAS) to research lead exposure and its possible effects on the brain’s ability to do certain tasks. Building on the tools and skills she learned, now Yeh is studying the effects of exercise on the brain in young adults, also through a grant from CURAS.

She found the perfect research mentor in psychology professor Maya Khanna, PhD, who, as part of a multi-state, multi-million dollar grant, aims to help fully understand the adolescent brain. Through support from her mentor and CURAS, Yeh’s research allows her to pursue her passion, expand upon her classroom education, and prepare for her future, all while being part of something that could impact the entire field of neuroscience.

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