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Business Office F.A.Q.

Electronic Bills (eBills) have replaced all paper bills for Creighton University students.  Students receive email notification through their Creighton email account when bills are available to view online at their student self service NEST web site. Tuition bills are considered the student's responsibility.  As such, it is the student's responsibility to make sure that the responsible party who will be paying for their tuition and fees either receives a copy of the tuition billing statement or has been granted access to their student account information on their NEST account as an Authorized User to ensure their tuition bill is paid on time.  If a payment plan is being used, you should also set up the responsible part as an Authorized Party on the TouchNet site. NOTE: Due to FERPA, an Authorized User must be listed with Financial access on NEST in order for the Business Office to speak with them regarding the student account.

Payments of tuition, room, board, and fees are due in full before the start of each semester and no later than the Last Payment Date for each semester or or official school term to avoid Late Payment Fees. Failure to receive a statement is not an acceptable excuse for not meeting a payment deadline.

The only monthly payment plan that Creighton University offers is called the Payment Plan (Monthly Electronic Transfer Payment Plan), offered through our third-party vendor, TouchNet. Using this payment plan, your monthly payment is automatically withdrawn from a checking or savings account with no fee assessed, or a credit/debit card may be used with a 2.95% fee assessed per transaction. Please visit the Payment Plan website for more information.

Payment by credit or debit cards can only be made online through the student NEST web site. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted. A convenience fee of 2.95% will be charged by our third party vendor for each credit or debit card transaction.  For acceptable forms of payment please refer to the Payment Options on this web site.

University policy requires that ALL full-time students be covered by a comprehensive health insurance plan and will be charged for the University sponsored plan until an online waiver is submitted to show that you have your own comparable comprehensive health insurance. Once Student Health receives the waiver information, the charge will be removed from the student account. For more information regarding Student Health and Immunization requirements, please visit the Center for Health and Counseling Student Health web site or Student Health Insurance Fee & Waivers.

Only 4th year Medical students will be assessed for a yearbook that will be distributed at the end of the school year. If you do not wish to receive a yearbook, you can request that it be waived online through your student NEST web site. Waivers will not be accepted after the Last Payment Date for the fall semester. Please visit Yearbook Fee & Waivers for more information.

After Creighton University has received your financial aid and your tuition and fees have been paid in full, the University will issue a refund for the excess on your account. Student who are anticipating a refund, must sign up for Direct Deposit. Students can sign up for Direct Deposit through their NEST web site under the Student Accounts tab. With the exception of Parent PLUS loans, paper checks will no longer be issued for student refunds. If a refund is generated from a Parent PLUS loan, a paper check will be issued and mailed to the parent who applied for the PLUS loan.

Creighton University now offers an Employer Tuition Deferral Program. Students who have been accepted and enrolled in the BS in Leadership (BILS), the MS in Organizational Leadership, or Heider College of Business Graduate Programs (all other University programs are excluded) may be eligible to defer the portion of their tuition that will be covered by their employer reimbursement. Please view our Billing and Payment Options web page for more information on the requirements and application that must be filled out to participate in the Employer Tuition Deferral Program. This form should be submitted to the Business Office prior to the first day of term.

If you receive notice that the Business Office has a HOLD on your registration, diploma, grades, or transcripts, then you most likely have a balance that still needs to be paid for outstanding tuition, owe on a University emergency loan, or you may still need to complete an Exit Interview (if you are graduating or leaving the University). The Business Office will not release any HOLDS until all outstanding balances are paid in full or you have completed your Exit Interview.  See the section on "Past Due Accounts" on the POLICIES page or see the Student Loans page on this web site.

Creighton University is a private institution, therefore there is no difference in tuition amounts due to a student's state of residence.

You must be a degree or certificate-seeking student attending at least 1/2 time at Creighton to be eligible to apply for and receive financial aid. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information at (402) 280-2731.

Creighton University is required to provide the student or parent with the 1098-T information for the applicable tax year by January 31st of each calendar year. The 1098-T for the qualified educational expenses can be viewed and printed through the student self service NEST web site. Students who graduate or leave Creighton University can still access their 1098-T tax information on their NEST web site for up to 1 year after they leave the University. You may also view our Tax Credit & 1098-T web page for further assistance.