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Paramedicine Faculty & Staff

Learn From Experienced & Compassionate EMS Professionals

When you’re a part of Creighton University’s EMS programs, you will learn from EMS professionals with decades of experience in the medical field. They’re medical doctors, registered nurses, nationally registered paramedics, current and former firefighters and military medics, to name a few. But beyond their vast knowledge and experience, they’re compassionate and empathetic healthcare providers who will pass those qualities on to you.

Rich Connections

Creighton’s EMS faculty and staff have deep connections in the Omaha community and across the nation. Those connections open doors to countless hands-on opportunities. From internships to field training, ride-time to clinical hours, they’ll ensure you receive the experience you need to provide quality patient care.

Approachable and Accessible

As you train to be an EMS provider or other healthcare professional, your instructors will be there when you need them. They’ll make sure you understand even the most challenging subjects, answering questions about your courses and exploring ethical questions and concerns with you. They will strive to ensure you are prepared for your national exams and future career. Most importantly, they’ll celebrate your successes—at Creighton and beyond.

The core team at Creighton Paramedicine Education collectively represents 225 years of experience in emergency medicine.  Rick Walker has been serving as a program physician medical director for 35 years.  Eric Ernest is a Creighton alumnus, graduating with his BSEMS before entering the Creighton School of Medicine.  Both Rick and Eric are board certified emergency physicians, practicing at a Level 1 trauma center, and continue to actively provide medical oversight to a variety of Paramedicine agencies.  Furthermore, Eric completed an EMS Fellowship and is board certified in EMS, and currently serves as the State of Nebraska EMS medical director.

To reiterate, no degree is required to become licensed as a paramedic or work in Paramedicine.  Creighton’s Paramedicine faculty has one faculty member pursuing a doctoral degree, three with master’s degrees, one pursing a master’s degree and two other Paramedicine team members have earned bachelor’s degrees.  One faculty member is a registered nurse, with background in critical care.  Additional characteristics of the Paramedicine team includes military service as an Air Force medic; retired paramedic firefighter; current paramedic firefighter; and two aeromedical transport paramedics (FPC).

The temporary, part-time staff utilized by the program, mostly to assist with small group laboratory sessions, are considered subject matter experts, actively engaged in providing Paramedicine care at or above the level of the students seeking Paramedicine course certification.

The experience and educational background of the Creighton Paramedicine team provides students with a diverse exposure to many facets of Paramedicine.

The presence of Creighton Paramedicine faculty and staff at the state and national level are likely unparalleled by other academic Paramedicine programs. Two vital projects with significant implications for the future of Paramedicine have Creighton EMS representation. These are the National EMS Scope of Practice Model, Subject Matter Expert Panel, and the EMS 2050 Agenda: Envision the Future. Furthermore, two organizations leading and supporting EMS Education include the National Registry of EMTs and the Committee on Accreditation of EMS Programs, are both organizations with which Creighton Paramedicine Education faculty and staff regularly collaborate.


Jacquelene Cota

Jacquelene S. Cota, MS, NRP

Andrew Eckart

Andrew Eckart, BS

Rick Erickson

Rick Erickson, FP-C, NRP

Eric Ernest

Eric V. Ernest, MD, EMT-P

Richard Walker

Richard Walker, MD


Sarah Meisinger

Sarah Meisinger, BA

Creighton offers a dedicated team of professionals to support the student. This includes the administrative staff who play an important role in the planning and the other needs of the student.
— Lee Varner, MSEMS, Class of 2016

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