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Title IX Information for Faculty

Protection Across the University

Title IX applies to every member of the university community. Creighton's Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy addresses misconduct covered by Title IX. The policy applies to all faculty, staff, and students at Creighton University.

The Office of Title IX and Civil Rights Compliance is responsible for responding to and resolving all complaints of harassment, discrimination, sexual and/or relationship misconduct. It's important for faculty to know the following about how complaints will be resolved:

  1. The Title IX process protects you, as employees.
  2. It’s prompt, as the Office of Title IX and Civil Rights Compliance strives to resolve complaints within 60 days.
  3. Procedural protections ensure that the process affords due process and fairness to all participants.
  4. The resolution process is independent, rendering an objective determination and remedies.
  5. It’s private. Information about involved parties and outcomes is only shared on a need-to-know basis with those who are responsible for resolving complaints.
  6. All administrators and investigators involved in the process are comprehensively trained and certified in Title IX compliance.
  7. Parties can have any advisor of their choosing to accompany them throughout the process.
  8. A wide range of interim measures are available to protect the parties involved (upon request).
  9. Creighton policy offers broad protection from retaliation, and the University takes all reports of retaliation very seriously.
  10. All parties involved are treated with dignity and respect throughout the resolution process.

The Office of Title IX and Civil Rights Compliance often receives requests from faculty members for information about Title IX and university policy to include on course syllabi. The Office of Title IX and Civil Rights Compliance suggests that faculty use the following language for this purpose:

Title IX, Harassment, and Discrimination

Individuals who may have experienced harassment, discrimination, or an incident of discrimination under Title IX (sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, stalking, sex discrimination, or pregnancy discrimination) are encouraged to contact the Office of Title IX and Civil Rights Compliance at 402-280-3189 or (Omaha) or 602-812-4590 or (Phoenix) to make a report or learn more about support services available on campus.

Faculty members are required under Creighton policy to report Title IX incidents to the Office of Title IX and Civil Rights Compliance to ensure compliance with federal law, and to maintain the safety of the campus community and its members. For more information, please visit the Office of Title IX and Civil Rights Compliance.

Students with documented disabilities or those who are pregnant may request accommodations from Student Accessibility Services. For more information, contact 402.280.2166 or visit the Student Accessibility Services page.

Confidential Services

Creighton University offers free, confidential support to students.

Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) Center 402.280.3794

Student Counseling Services 402.280.2735