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Health and Safety

Health & Safety in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is very safe and hospitable. Creighton University has a strong, long-standing relationship with partners in the country. 

As with all foreign travels, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and follow program rules. The Creighton-ILAC staff will monitor any unexpected occurrences. It is important that all travelers carefully research and inform themselves about the the health and safety, environmental, and cultural realities of their host country. Travelers should review the CDC guidance for vaccines and medications while abroad in the Dominican Republic.

CISI Insurance - Emergency Medical / Liability

All Creighton-ILAC student participants, faculty, and staff traveling to ILAC are required to enroll in international emergency medical insurance administered by the Global Engagement Office (GEO) for the duration of their time away from the United States. This coverage is through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). The Creighton-ILAC office will assist you in this process.

All non-Creighton participants, high school participants and chaperones, medical surgery teams, research program participants are strongly encouraged to have international emergency medical/liability insurance before traveling to ILAC. Groups may purchase this coverage plan through Creighton-ILAC. Contact for details.

The insurance policy selected by Creighton University for its students traveling abroad includes basic trip insurance that may cover a portion of additional costs due to trip cancellation, extreme flight delays, loss of luggage, etc. All travelers are encouraged to purchase additional flight or trip cancellation insurance from the airline or another company. The CISI insurance does not cover flight change costs due to disease outbreaks (including, but not limited to H1N1 flu, and COVID-19).

Review the CISI travel insurance policy well before departing. Additionally, check with the international education office at your host institution about how to obtain local health insurance if you are able. Know how to file claims for reimbursements on healthcare expenses.  In serious health emergencies, the local U.S. Embassy may be helpful to you. Once enrolled, students will have access to the myCISI Mobile App for emergency contact information, coverage details, claims assistance, and more.

All travelers should maintain primary health insurance coverage while abroad. The CISI insurance offered by Creighton-ILAC/GEO is a supplemental policy.

COVID-19 & ILAC Programs

Misión ILAC - CESI strongly requests that all guests arriving to the ILAC Center be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, as the ILAC Center focuses its programming on vulnerable populations who may be more at risk in terms of health considerations.  

Travelers may be asked to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination. If a traveler is not vaccinated against COVID-19, they must understand that there may be aspects of the program that are not available to them, as some organizations and facilities in the Dominican Republic require guests to show proof of vaccine to enter and/or ask ILAC to guarantee that their visitors are vaccinated. 

Creighton Global Travel Security Program

(Encuentro Dominicano and FLPA students only)

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Supported by AlertTraveler

In addition to CISI insurance coverage above, all Encuentro Dominicano students will also be enrolled in the AlertTraveler program. AlertTravelers and CISI insurance together make up the Creighton Global Travel Security Program. The Creighton University Global Engagement Office (GEO) supports Creighton students, faculty, and staff traveling across the world, 24 hours a day, every day through the Creighton Global Travel Security Program. All Encuentro Dominicano & FLPA students will be assessed a Global Travel Security Fee to his/her Creighton University bill for this coverage.

What are the program benefits and how does it work?

  • AlertTraveler provides several benefits, including access to the AlertTraveler Mobile app. AlertTraveler Mobile gives you immediate access to critical information potentially affecting your travel and well-being, including real-time push notifications of significant events, country risk ratings, and a library of location-specific information and tips for hundreds of cities globally.
  • Additionally, AlertTraveler puts assistance resources at your fingertips. Check in safely or request assistance during an emergency situation and access the 24/7 emergency support hotline at the touch of a button.