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Resources for Visitors

Planning to Visit ILAC?

Resources for Visitors

Are you thinking of visiting a student participating in a Creighton-ILAC program? We would be happy to welcome you to the Dominican Republic and to ILAC! Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind:

  • When planning to visit your student, make sure your student is consulting his/her program schedule and refrain from planning a visit during campo immersions and required academic trips.
  • If you are interested in staying on the ILAC/CESI campus during your visit, please complete the ILAC Reservation Form and submit it to the address on the form. Contact for rates.
  • The ILAC/CESI campus is closed for Christmas and New Year holiday and cannot host visitors at that time. The center operates with reduced staff during the Easter holiday, so please reach out to inquire about availability if that is the time you are planning to visit.
  • Please note that note that Creighton-ILAC does not approve spouses, families, or friends of participants or medical professionals joining for any portion of healthcare programs, including the ILAC Summer Health Program. This is due to legal and liability reasons and out of respect for our host families, program leaders, and program participants.

The following resources will be helpful in planning your visit: