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Graduate School Mission and Values

The Mission and Values of Creighton's Graduate School

Creighton University is a place where changemakers connect with like-minded peers and faculty who care deeply about giving students the tools to make our world a better place. As part of Creighton University, the Graduate School is dedicated to helping agents of change further master their area of expertise and thrive in their careers or academic pursuits.

Under the guidance of expert faculty, graduate students at Creighton engage in discussion, research and various immersive learning experiences. Programs across disciplines foster critical and creative thinking and provide ethical perspectives for dealing with an increasingly complex world.

When not working closely with students, Creighton faculty members conduct research to enhance teaching, to contribute to the betterment of society and to discover new knowledge. They model a passion for learning and spirit of magis that is felt by our entire community.

At Creighton, all of this comes together to engage the whole student—mind, body and spirit—in the learning process. This dedication to cura personalis is at the core of a Jesuit education.

Our mission is to produce leaders who have the wisdom, judgment, confidence, compassion, and faith to work for a more just world. To accomplish this mission, we are inspired by Catholic values and a Jesuit educational philosophy.

Creighton's Culture

"Creighton's culture doesn't stop at our physical address. It comes through in our coursework, in our advising with our students, in our academic support. The Jesuit values at Creighton University underpin most of the decisions that we make. We want students to feel as though we care about them as a whole person because we do.”

—Leah Georges, PhD | Associate Professor and Program Director, Graduate School

Our Founding Principles

Creighton is a Catholic and Jesuit comprehensive university committed to excellence in its selected undergraduate, graduate and professional programs.

As a Catholic institution, Creighton is dedicated to the pursuit of truth in all its forms and is guided by the living tradition of the Catholic Church.

As a Jesuit institution, Creighton participates in the tradition of the Society of Jesus, which provides an integrating vision of the world that arises out of a knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.

As a comprehensive institution, Creighton’s education embraces several colleges and professional schools and is directed to the intellectual, social, spiritual, physical and recreational aspects of students’ lives and to the promotion of justice.

We learn compassion, how to treat everyone equally. Others may study for a salary. We're studying for the benefit of others.
— Demetria Panopoulos, Alumna, College of Nursing

Ready to Join the Creighton Community?

At Creighton, the heart of the university is its people. You become part of that supportive community as soon as you’re enrolled, and your inclusion never expires. Enjoy the support of other scholars who, just like you, share the university’s mission and values.

Explore our graduate programs to find one that fits your lifestyle and your goals.