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Graduate Research

Making Advances Through Research and Scholarship

As a Jesuit Catholic institution, Creighton University promotes principles of ethical living, service to others, a passion for justice and the search for truth. That’s why research is such a core element of a Creighton graduate education (although our undergraduates have exciting research opportunities too).

Research at Creighton is mission oriented. Our faculty work closely with all their graduate students to answer pressing, social-justice oriented questions in areas ranging from natural science to business and beyond. They work closely with students on both theoretical and applied research, teaching practical job skills that differentiate our graduates.

Creighton’s faculty do more than teach and research, though. They develop students as individuals, serving as mentors and advisors for their graduate students. With such a deep understanding of their students, they can develop practical, impactful programs that give students the tools to succeed before and after graduate school.

Research plays a role in both Master’s and Doctorate programs, although it is much more central to doctoral degrees. No matter the program, faculty encourage students to think critically and ethically, making them not only better researchers but also better consumers of research.

Leah Georges

Leah Georges, PhD

“I have kept in touch with so many of my graduate students—in fact, I published an academic research article with one relatively recently. It's one of the best things about this program, how we get to follow our students once they leave our classrooms and go forth and do what they set their minds to do.”

Tom Lenz, PharmD

“Across the landscape of healthcare research, we're seeing this broader picture of well-being and this greater understanding of what’s involved in caring for another person. If someone is on the fence about ‘is now the right time to get in,’ the answer is yes. We're just on the cusp of discovering really amazing things.”

Tom Lenz

Research Areas of Excellence at Creighton

As a top research university, many areas of research and scholarship at Creighton produce exemplary work. Learn more about programs that include significant graduate research opportunities or fellowships:

Doctoral Degrees in Leadership

Doctoral and Master’s Degrees in Natural Science

 Master’s Degrees in Health

Master's Degrees in Health Sciences

Research Collaborations

Creighton’s researchers have collaborated on almost 150 projects all over the globe, producing more than 10,000 pieces of research output. Check out the projects, dive into the findings and see just how far our research footprint extends with our interactive research collaboration tool.


Creighton's IDEA Hub is an open, free environment that students and staff can use to work on projects, study, and learn about technology. The IDEA Hub offers users services varying from high-performance computing to virtual and augmented reality.

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