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School of Medicine Committees

Standing Committees

Standing Committees in the School of Medicine inform education, research, governance, administration and other key activities within the School of Medicine. Faculty and staff also participate in other University-wide committees.

Background Standards Committee sets the standards for performing criminal background checks on all applicants accepted for matriculation into, and as necessary, all students participating in the educational activities of the School of Medicine; arranging for outside agencies to perform background checks and ensuring their compliance with appropriate standards regarding student privacy and evaluating the information contained within the background checks.

Committee on Admissions strives to select medical students who are committed to becoming empathetic, highly competent practitioners of the art and sciences of medicine, and consistent with the mission of the Creighton University School of Medicine.

Committee on Committees advises the Dean of the School of Medicine regarding appointments to Standing Committees, and nominates at least two members for each position, unless otherwise specified in the SOM Bylaws.

Committee on Governance and Administration reviews the School of Medicine Bylaws according to the University Faculty Handbook and Statutes.

Committee on Graduate Medical Education monitors and advises all aspects of residency education.

Committee on Leaves and Sabbaticals reviews each School of Medicine faculty application for leave or sabbatical and submits a written recommendation to the Dean of the School of Medicine.

Committee on Rank and Tenure reviews dossiers of all candidates under consideration for conferral of tenure or emeritus status, or advancement in rank, and submits a written recommendation to the Dean of the School of Medicine.

Promotions Committee reviews all dossiers of Affiliate Faculty candidates for advancement in rank.

Committee on Student Advancement reviews academic records and professional conduct of all students to determine their eligibility for promotion and graduation, and/or the necessity for remedial actions.

Committee on Student Research and Scholarly Activity disseminates information on research opportunities and availability of research fellowships. It also evaluates summer research applications and submits recommendations to the Dean.

Distinguished Lecture Series Committee reviews and selects speakers for the Distinguished Lecture Series.

Educational Policy Committee defines and revises the goals, objectives, structure, and content of the undergraduate medical curricul.

Evaluation Committee analyzes course/clerkship data, syllabi, teaching materials, student evaluations, grading methods, student performance, interviews, and the annual course/clerkship report.

Leadership Council advises the Dean and assists in coordination of the operation and management of the School of Medicine.

Medical Education Management Team monitors overall compliance with educational goals and objectives and provides guidance to the administration regarding policies and procedures.

Executive Committee advises the Dean of the School of Medicine on all matters related to the internal academic affairs of the School of Medicine and also reviews the performance of the Dean, once every three years.

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