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Psychiatry Faculty

Academic Inquiries
Joy Rich


Outpatient Appointments
Schedule with a Creighton Psychiatry faculty member within CHI Health
402.717.4623 (402.717.HOPE)


Residency or Fellowship Questions
Please visit the residency and fellowship program pages

  • Pesavento, John (Tony) MD, Special Assistant Professor
  • Coleman, Robert PhD, Special Assistant Professor
  • Kolli, Venkata MB, BS, Special Associate Professor
  • Bharwani, Sara, Ed.D., Special Assistant Professor
  • Munet Ginorio, Alexandrea, Psy.D., Special Assistant Professor
  • Ryder, Jamie, Ph.D., Special Assistant Professor

CHI Health

  • Cervantes, Roberto MD, Clinical Instructor
  • Dewan, Vijay BS, MBBS, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Diercks, Mark MD, Associate Clinical Professor
  • Egger, Michael MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Elson, Alisandrea MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Fawole, Taliat MD MPH, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Gibson, Shantrice PhD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Gonzalez, Hugo MD, Clinical Instructor
  • Hsieh, Hudson MD, Clinical Professor
  • Hunter, Chelsea LIMHP, LCSW, Clinical Instructor
  • Kc, Niranjan MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Marciano, Reeta MD MSN, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Marcil, William MD, Associate Clinical Professor
  • Marsh, Michele MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Ogunleye, Yetunde MBchB, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Oliveto, Gina MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Olson, Chloe MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Ravipati, Sriramamurth MD, Assistant Clinical Professor 
  • Reyelts, Crystal MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Rowley, Benjamin MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Sadat, Nargis MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Sadiq, Hasnain MBBS, Clinical Professor
  • Sharma, Arun MD, Clinical Professor
  • Singh, Harmit MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Smith, Andrew R, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Sripal, Prashanth MD MS, Clinical Instructor
  • Stoller, Lilly MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Trevisan, Louis MD, Clinical Professor


Omaha VAMC

  • George, Nika PhD, Associate Clinical Professor
  • Heaney, Christopher PsyD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Keane, Gregory DO, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Milone, Caitlyn MD, Clinical Instructor
  • North, Terry PhD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Schmidt, Rebecca MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Zieno, Angelo DO, Assistant Clinical Professor


Lincoln VAMC

  • Esseks, Rosemary PhD,  Clinical Instructor



  • Balasanova, Alena MD, Associate Clinical Professor
  • Burt, Alexandra MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Doyle, Marley MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Egbert, Matthew MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Gih, Daniel MD, Professor
  • Hernandez, Cynthia, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Hwang, Soonjo MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Kratochvil, Christopher MD, Clinical Professor
  • Magnuson, Thomas MD, Associate Clinical Professor
  • Salzbrenner, Stephen MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Sharma, Ashish MD, Clinical Professor
  • Sjuts, Tara PhD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Strong, Sheritta MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Thomsen,  Mark MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Wengel, Steven MD, Chair & Clinical Professor
  • West, Madeline MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Wysoske, Rebecca MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Zoucha, Kenneth M.D., Associate Clinical Professor


Part-Time UNMC Faculty

  • Wetzel, Martin MD, Assistant Professor


Boys Town

  • Blair, Robert JR PhD, Clinical Professor
  • Hauser, Lindsey PsyD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Snyder, Gregory PhD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • White, Stuart, PhD, Clinical Instructor


Children's Hospital

  • Daughton, Joan, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • McWilliams, Jennifer, Assistant Clinical Professor


Other Institution Affiliations

  • Bhatia, Supriya MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Che, Larisa MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Chong, Yon MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Driscoll, David PhD, Clinical Instructor
  • Koduri, Narayana MD, Clinical Instructor, North Platte, NE
  • Kraft, Robert PhD, Associate Clinical Professor
  • Lazoritz, Stephen, Clinical Professor, Omaha, NE
  • Lang, Jeffrey MS, Clinical Instruction
  • Madaan, Vishal MBBS, Clinical Professor
  • Ourada, Jason MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Paul, Cynthia JD, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Penner, Elizabeth MD MPH, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Perman, Gerald MD, Clinical Professor
  • Saxena, Kavir MBBS, Assistant Clinical Professor, Hastings, NE
  • Snyder, Jamie MD, Associate Clinical Professor
  • Sullivan, Randall MD, Assistant Clinical Professor, North Platte, NE
  • Wigington, Gregory, Clinical Instructor
  • Johnson, Ronn PhD, Associate Dean, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Kavan, Michael PhD, Professor
  • Lang, Jeffrey MS, Clinical Instructor
  • Price, Paul Pharm D, Associate Professor
  • Singh, Sanjay MD, Professor
  • Stessman, Holly PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Weilage, Mark PhD, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Bhatia, Shashi MD, Professor Emeritus
  • Bhatia, Subhash MD, Professor Emeritus
  • Chu, Chung-Chou MD,  Professor Emeritus
  • Madison, James, PhD, Associate Professor Emeritus