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PhD, Master’s and Certificate Programs

School of Medicine Graduate Programs 

Place your career advancement in your own hands. From the basic sciences to healthcare programs, our highly collaborative and interdisciplinary approach provides a comprehensive and well-rounded education. Our small class sizes foster meaningful relationships with other professionals and faculty, creating a supportive and personalized learning environment.

No matter what degree path you take, we are here to help you light the way to a healthier world.

Basic science and healthcare programs list diagram

Basic Sciences

The Basic Science areas of study take a research-based and tailored approach to placing career advancement into your own hands. Cross-program seminars, interdisciplinary courses and various research presentation opportunities create an environment rich in collaboration.

As part of a larger Omaha research consortium, Creighton students experience bench-to-bedside opportunities working hands-on with patients and strengthening their data communication skills.


Healthcare Programs provide opportunities for career advancement on a holistic and sustainable path.

Collaboration lies at the heart of our approach. Our diverse healthcare professions converge in a synergistic setting, learning from and educating one another to provide exceptional care to every patient. The importance of reflection, compassionate care and cura personalis — care for the whole person — sets students apart to be a uniquely Creighton healthcare professional.

Dual Degrees

A dual degree can provide more career opportunities and increase your effectiveness in a changing health care environment.

Creighton students have the option to earn their Doctor of Medicine (MD) and an advanced degree through one of six joint-degree programs.