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Endocrinology Fellowship

Thank you for your interest in the Creighton University Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism Fellowship. Established in 2005, we offer a strong and solid training experience.  We encourage you to consider Creighton University for your subspecialty training.  

Mission Statement

Endocrinology fellows and faculty will abide by Creighton’s intellectual, educational, social, spiritual and ethical values in preparing for careers of service, care and research for the diverse patients in need of their expertise.

Program Aims

  1. We will provide fellows with a well-rounded, comprehensive two-year curriculum in endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism that will instill the fundamentals to pursue any career path (within the broad field of endocrinology) they choose. This includes exposure to the multiple areas of competent, caring expertise, procedures and practice varieties available to the endocrinologist without sacrificing a comprehensive/intensive experience managing the acute and chronic diseases commonly encountered by endocrinologists. All curricular milestones for each fellow will be tabulated and reviewed quarterly to ensure that we are meeting Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) guidelines for endocrinology.
  2. We will train excellent, independent practitioners who will be leaders in professionalism, and will increase awareness of health disparities and the need for quality improvement in medical care. We will foster and promote professionalism in each rotation and through the monthly evaluations. Quality improvement project participation is required with an emphasis on approaches to alleviating healthcare disparities whether they be local lack of resources, cultural, language-based or financial. We expect this approach to develop lifelong learning and educational practices through scholarly and teaching endeavors.
  3. We will provide examples of fascinating biomedical research and will encourage fellows to participate in research projects. Fellows will join in the planning, data-gathering, statistical analysis and preparation of presentations for scientific meetings and manuscripts, with at least one abstract and meeting presentation required per year. The overall aim is to prepare the fellows for endocrine specialty practice and/or faculty positions.

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