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Family Medicine Obstetrics Fellowship

About the FM/OB Fellowship

This fellowship recognizes family medicine's important and expanding role in population health and acknowledges the finite number of clinicians offering obstetric care in rural and urban healthcare environments. 

Fellows will become competent in:

  • Managing pregnant patients with medical complications such as diabetes, hypertension and thyroid disease
  • Managing obstetric patients in the inpatient and outpatient setting
  • Serving as educators in the Department of Family Medicine

Fellows will receive procedural training in operative obstetrics, neonatal resuscitation, ultrasound (e.g., growth assessment, BPP and AFI), and other skills to prepare them to provide care in the urban and rural setting. 

In addition to preparing the physician to be an excellent clinician, this rigorous academic experience will prepare the fellow for academic practice, scholarly work and teaching.

The mission of Creighton University Family Medicine Residency is to train men and women in the art and science of family medicine (where family medicine is the medical specialty devoted to comprehensive care for people of all ages based on the knowledge of the patient in the context of the family, community and culture the patient exists in) through service to the medically underserved (in all aspects of underserved) while practicing inclusivity in all our interactions (regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, opinion, nationality or citizenship status of the other) in a way that consciously aims to reduce healthcare disparities and teaches our residents to be leaders of advocacy for the health of our community. We, the practitioners of Creighton University Family Medicine Residency, stand in proud awe at the gift of healing that our community has bestowed upon us as well as the responsibility that gift entails. Through this service and rigorous training, we actively seek to undergo a transformation of who we are into persons awake to a fuller sense of themselves in order to become a beacon of health and a space for healing for all our current and future patients.

The goals of the program are:

  1. Provide our fellow with evidence based medicine and surgical obstetric skill to recognize, stabilize, and competently manage complex obstetrical unforeseeable events that arise during the comprehensive obstetric management including assisted vaginal delivery, operative obstetric, and cesarean.

  2. Provide and improve upon our fellow skill to manage comprehensive care to pediatric, adults, women health, and geritatric patient as whole person approach.

  3. Provide our fellow with opportunity and skills to become future teacher in the academic realm and community leaders to advocate for our patient and closing the health care disparity while practicing excellent medicine.

  4. Graduate fellows use, replicate, and promote their developed skills to care for the underserved patient.

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