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Accelerated BSN Common Questions

As you consider Creighton’s Accelerated BSN program, you may have questions. We’ve got the answers. Our recruiters have compiled these commonly asked questions about our top ranked accelerated nursing program.

Application Questions

The deadlines for the Spring start are September 1 and October 15. The deadlines for the Fall start are April 1 and May 1. All application materials must be submitted prior to the application deadline. Applications will not be reviewed until after the deadline has passed. Each term will have two deadlines: a priority deadline and a secondary deadline. It is recommended to apply by the priority deadline for the best chance of admission.

You can start the application process at any point. We recommend applying early to ensure that we receive all application materials prior to the deadline. Please note: If you are applying through NursingCAS, there is about a week turnaround time between when your application is completed through their system, and when it is sent to us. Keep this in mind when applying close to the deadlines.

Start your application.

Waitlists will be determined after each application deadline. If there are more qualified applicants than spots available, a waitlist may be formed. The waitlist will be valid for the specific term you applied to.

We ask that all applicants choose a preferred campus to apply for. When selecting a campus, there will be an option within the application that asks “If a spot isn’t available at the campus selected above, would you like to be considered for another campus?” You will first be considered for your preferred location. You will only be offered a spot on another campus if your preferred campus is full.

Applicants must submit a personal statement that addresses all the following questions. Please use question/answer format with headers for each item listed. Pay close attention to the word count requirements.

  1. Describe what drew you to pursue nursing as a career, and how you see yourself contributing to the nursing profession over the next 5-10 years. (approximately 200 words)
  2. Describe how your values align with the mission of Creighton University. (approximately 200 words)
  3. Describe an uncomfortable situation or ethical dilemma you encountered. What was your response in the situation, and what (if anything) would you do differently and why? (approximately 200 words)
  4. The 12-month Accelerated BSN is an academically rigorous program during which much of a student’s time is occupied with school obligations. Describe the strategies you plan to use to successfully complete this challenging program given the competing demands on your time. (approximately 200 words)
  5. If applicable, provide a rationale for any of the following discrepancies on your transcripts. Part of this rationale should provide an explanation of what has changed to promote success in this program.
    • Grades that are lower than a C
    • Courses with a W (withdrawals)
    • Semesters in which you were not a full-time student
    • Other considerations (extended leaves, previous enrollment in professional programs, misconducts, dismissals)

Three letters of recommendation are required. Each reference will need to complete the recommendation/appraisal forms, which we provide within the application. No personal recommendations from family or friends will be accepted. Required recommendations include:

  • Academic (e.g. faculty)
  • Employer/supervisor
  • Professional reference of your choice

We may be able to access your Creighton transcripts for you. However, any non-Creighton transcripts that you previously submitted to Creighton for your previous degree must be resent.

All official transcripts should be sent through NursingCAS. Visit NursingCAS to learn more about sending official transcripts.

Prerequisite Questions

Prerequisite CourseSemester HoursQuarter Hours
General Chemistry46
Human Anatomy (or A&P I)46
Human Physiology (or A&P II)46
General Sociology or Cultural Anthropology34.5
General Psychology34.5
Developmental (Lifespan) Psychology34.5
Human Nutrition2-33-4.5

Prerequisites can be in progress when you apply to the program, but applicants must have two of the following courses completed before the application deadline.

  • General Chemistry
  • Human Anatomy (A&P I)
  • Human Physiology (A&P II)

All pre-requisites must be completed prior to the start date of the program.

There is a 10-year limit on the four science prerequisites: Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology and General Chemistry. There is a potential to override this rule depending on the grade you initially received, when you took it, and how you have used the knowledge from these courses since you took them. To petition this requirement, please reach out to our enrollment specialists at

Prerequisites can be taken through any accredited institution and must meet our semester hour requirements. Courses can be taken online or in person. If you have questions about specific courses we can accept, please email

You need to have a C (2.0) or higher for each prerequisite course.

In order to accept AP credit as a prerequisite, the test has to be listed on an official transcript as a transfer credit for that course. If it is not listed, we will need a letter from the institution stating that the AP exam was accepted as credit for the course.

In order to accept a course that is listed as “P” we have to prove that the lowest possible grade to receive a “P” is a C (2.0) or higher. If it is a C- (1.67) or lower, we cannot accept courses listed as “P”.

No, we do not accept CLEP credit.

Admissions Requirements

We require at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale.

We require at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA with all previous college credit. Due to the academic rigor of the program and the competitiveness of the applicant pool, it is rare to be admitted with a GPA below the 3.0 mark. The admissions committee will review all complete applications and weigh acceptance on all aspects of the application. This includes your, GPA, pre-requisite grades, personal statement and recommendation forms. Having below a 3.0 can be grounds for denial.

No, we do not require the TEAS or the HESI.

Yes, you can apply before your Bachelor’s Degree is completed. If you are admitted, you will need to provide an official transcript showing your degree earned and date conferred prior to the first day of class.

Program Questions

The program starts two times per year for the Omaha and Phoenix campuses: August and January.

The Omaha cohort will admit up to 48 students and the Phoenix cohort will admit up to 56 students.

You’ll complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to qualify for federal aid. Since the Accelerated program is a secondary degree program, fewer scholarships are readily available. The College of Nursing offers need-based and endowed scholarships once you are an enrolled student here, but these are not awarded upon acceptance into the program. You’re welcome to contact our Financial Aid Office with further questions at 402.280.2345.

We do not recommend working while enrolled in the program.

Still Have Questions?

Creighton had very favorable online reviews and a high NCLEX pass rate. It was the only school I applied to attend.
— Waheeda Siddiqui, Accelerated BSN graduate

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