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The Creighton University-Hillcrest Physical Therapy Residency Program provides a post-professional clinical residency experience in the specialty area of geriatric physical therapy.

The experience includes clinical practice, clinical mentoring, teaching in the area of geriatrics, and opportunities for research and scholarly productivity.

The resident will graduate with advanced clinical practice and teaching skills and will be eligible for the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties geriatric specialty exam.

Geriatric Residency Program Details

The 12-month residency program begins August 1 and ends July 31. As a resident, you will be a valued member of our team. You will be a salaried Creighton employee with benefits, and there is no additional tuition requirement for this experience. 

  • Residents complete 28–30 hours per week of clinical practice and 12–14 hours of experiences that include teaching, labs, didactic training and a common curriculum with other residency (PT and OT) programs.
  • Residents participate in clinical practice at CHI CUMC-Bergan Mercy in Acute Care as well as at Hillcrest Rehab Services with rotations through Post-Acute Rehab, Outpatient, Home Health, and Long-Term Care.
  • Professional licensure is expected and licensure in the state of Nebraska is required.

First-time Pass Rate on Geriatric Specialist Certification Examination

Exam Testing YearNon-Residency GraduateResidency GraduateCreighton Residency Graduate*

** No Creighton residents due to COVID-19 pandemic.

* For residents who have sat for the Board Certification Examination.


5-Year Geriatric Residency Completion Rate

  • 2022 - 100%
  • 2021 - No residents in 2021 due to COVID-19 pandemic
  • 2020 - 100%
  • 2019 - 100%
  • 2018 - 100%
  • 2017 - 50%
  • 2016 - 100%

Geriatric Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate accurate performance of all elements of the patient management model (examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, intervention, and outcomes) in a variety of practice settings related to advanced geriatric practice.
  • Demonstrate “proficient” clinical reasoning skills necessary for advanced clinical practice.
  • Successfully complete two live patient practical examinations and one written examination during the residency.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully complete the Geriatric Specialty Exam.
  • Provide effective teaching/communication to patients, peers, and students.
  • Demonstrate professional behaviors and leadership related to service to the community and profession at a local and national level, including but not limited to advocacy opportunities.

Mission and Goals

The program is committed to developing specialization in advanced geriatric clinical practice, teaching, and advocacy by providing focused, ongoing mentorship in preparation of residents who will become leaders in geriatric physical therapy practice.

  1. Exemplify excellence in clinical practice through the development of clinical expertise, advancement of reasoning skills, and attainment of specialist recognition.
  2. Utilize ongoing assessment and education to assure that clinical practice sites utilized for residents provide outstanding access to patients and mentors with expertise in geriatric physical therapy.
  3. Be recognized for excellence in teaching.
  4. Be recognized for service in the community.
  5. Earn and maintain credentialing from the American Physical Therapy Association for the Geriatric Residency.

Hear from Geriatric PT Residents

Kelly Lane, PT, DPT'17

Hear from Geriatric PT Residents

Alexandra Piersanti, PT, DPT

Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Inspired by the Catholic and Jesuit tradition, our community believes that each human being is a profound gift from God, deserving of both dignity and opportunity. We thus seek to acknowledge and celebrate diversity at Creighton—building the spaces and relationships required for every person to thrive. All physical therapist residents are treated with the utmost respect and dignity.

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Contact Information

Kate Kugler, PT, DPT, NCS
Assistant Professor
Department of Physical Therapy
Residency Program Coordinator
2500 California Plaza
Omaha, NE 68178


ABPTRFE Accredited Program

abptrfe accredite dprogram

The Creighton University-Hillcrest Geriatric Residency Program is accredited by the American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education as a post-professional residency program for physical therapists in geriatrics.